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10 September 2015
sorry I should have said hello last week but due to work I've been very busy so my apologies .
My names Charlie and I'm a 44 yr old firefighter from Yorkshire , love the swinging scene and enjoy visiting clubs too , my hobbies are riding my bike (r1) motorbike and keeping fit . Well that's me in a nutshell please come say hi I don't bite only when asked to lol ;) Charlie
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Hello Charlie, good to see your intro.. I think you've already found your feet here! ;)
Enjoy.. It's fun :D x
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15 September 2014
Well hello Charlie again ;) Nice to see a little intro from you.. Ahh the R1. A beauty of a bike.
Welcome again my friend and thank you for your continued support on Twitter too.. (y)
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18 July 2015
Hi Charlie and welcome here again, Im sure you will have many fun times in this delicious box of chocolates :whistle:;):confused::D:Dxx
27 April 2015
Hello again @Charlie glad your finding your feet here, and nice to see someone local too, We hope you have as much fun on the site as we do, it's the best thing we ever did joining !!! Regards Mark and Andrea xx
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