Hello new to swing but not to fet

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Hey all,

So I am mick known as covertmick on fetlife and from tamworth. I do get round to some of the events at xstasia and facility but felt like ****** wasn't getting on with me. But was advised it was nice on here and friendly so came to say hello and find friends.

After an interesting chat in the Jacuzzi at xstasia its got me thinking that I would like to see if I can break the box of being fet and try to try other things. I can be terribly naieve in the start with things I've never tried.

So loves in life are LARP and Re-enactment, Enjoying the fet scene. Chilling out and just enjoying social occasions. good conversation and trying new things.

Hope to speak to others soon



15 September 2014
Hello @covertmick and a very warm welcome again from me.
Indeed nice to see you stepped out of the shadows and said hello ;)
Hope you enjoy.


good to see people, sorry I haven't said much in a while, I have been going to a fair few events on the fet scene, nice to return to the site and would be awesome to meet people and say hello.
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27 April 2015
Hello Again, and good to see you here making the effort, as said earlier, we hope you meet some great people on here, and have some serious fun !!
Regards The A Team x
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