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Holidays in Tunisia?

Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by Admin, 10 July 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Site Owner Admin

    Hello all,
    Are you planning to go to Tunisia soon for hols? If so cancel them now!

    If you've not heard - the foreign office are trying to bring back 3,000 Brits currently abroad there as a second terrorist threat is imminent!
    Our government is trying to get them all back home to Blighty asap.

    Don't go there guys. Unless you want to really allow the risk!?
    I would write this in off topic, but best suited for public for any forumites we have ;)
  2. Lace

    Lace PV

    Ive just heard on news and it doesnt sound good xx
  3. Admin

    Admin Site Owner Admin

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    • It is such a shame, feel so sorry for the locals out there. As you know we have recently returned, and it makes us so sad that this has happened. Can't help thinking that we are giving in to terrorists, but guess should always err on the side of caution xx
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      • Lace

        Lace PV

        This is so sad and just heard all of thompson staff are being pulled out too xx
      • Admin

        Admin Site Owner Admin

        Yes indeed, I'm just glad you came back when you did both. I worry for the people out there right now, the government are trying to get them all out now.

        Thing is, Libya is too close and the threat is so extremely dangerous.
        Sadly it will affect the locals, which is awful as they depend on the tourism trade, to survive.
        In one respect, yeah it's like giving in to terrorism. :(
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