How 'Joined Up' are You...?

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Do you have 'everything' on your Phone...? No email, reminder or msg can whizz past you, without you knowing - and being aware it and able to respond if you so wish..?

Or are you more selective...? Some stuff, but not everything - emails & txts, but not messages and alerts from this site and that site....

Or... Is your phone.... just 'A Phone'... Emails live in the Computer and nowhere else..... The Computer gets switched on maybe once a week.... Alerts... What are those...?

Confess.... :D

Me...? I have most things on my Phone..... Which is hardly ever used as a phone......:cool:

I from I&L xx :)
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15 September 2014
Bit of everything for me actually.
Always on the PC, but always on the phone. Emails are non stop, but I will admit, I am a bit selective with whom I speak to and when (besides the site - I mean personally in RL)
I can take or leave my phone though.. For a reason which I can't go into, I haven't had my phone now for 3 weeks and this coming week will be the fourth. And really? I'm not missing it as much as I expected I would.

However, I cannot live without my PC. Simple. And I mean that, I have to have my PC.
Oddly enough, mine is rarely used as a phone. But that said I use it more than our landline. :p

I must have about 12 email accounts which all need monitoring and replying to.
Can keep me very busy indeed! :D
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18 July 2015
Oh I'm boring and my phone is just for texting and ringing, I only have a handful of contacts who I speak to,
I have no clue with emails and wouldn't know how to send one, our business phone has a few more apps that we use like the site and twitter but as for personal use I'm crap haha.
I'm still happy to use pen and paper and do my banking at the bank, old fashioned I guess xxx


I do everything on my phone, can't remember the last time I opened up my lap top... :D hence my inability to do those Bloody!! Smilies!! Grrrrrr