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I was a big hairy marine, now I'm a stunning woman..

Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by Admin, 24 September 2015.

  1. Admin

    Admin Site Owner Admin

    Transgender-Marine was living a lie.


    A LOVELY wife, cute daughter and a dream job in the Marines — Matthew Avedian seemed to have it all.
    But he was harbouring a huge secret.
    For three decades he had lived as a man, but deep down Matthew felt he was really a woman.
    In November 2012 he decided to follow his heart and started the medical procedures to become a female.
    He took oestrogen for eight months, had a boob job, laser hair removal and complex surgery.
    Matthew has gone from a hairy bloke to a stunning woman called Sona.
    She says: “I had a great wife, a beautiful child and a well-paid job. But I could only hide so much. I was exhausted.
    “All these years I’d been living a lie and I realised it was time to be true to myself.”

    I think she looks much better now and good for her?

  2. Pearls

    Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

    She looks amazing and the best transformation I have ever seen...Stunning :love:xx
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    • Admin

      Admin Site Owner Admin

      Indeed, an amazing transformation! :eek: xx
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      • Lace

        Lace PV

        She looks fantastic xx
      • i know several ex soldiers that have transitioned it's as if they over compensate trying to be men
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        • She does look stunning.

          It has been proven that people who are transgendered actually are. There is a major difference in a certain part of the brain. This exists in nobody but people who believe they are born with the wrong body. (not very technical, and I probably should've Googled in advanced, but I didn't so there!).

          I also know an ex forces who is now a woman. He was a red beret, so double hard bastard. But she said that from as long as she could remember, she knew she wasn't meant to be a him. She finished her surgery nearly 3 years ago now. I witnessed some of her transformation. Believe me it looked fucking painful and I watched her cry in agony. Nobody would put themselves through the ordeal unless they were born with the wrong body. I take my hat off to her and all other transgendered folk.
          I cannot imagine how awful it must be to know that you're not who you should be. Everybody should be able to be who they're meant to be.

          Live and let live!.

          FLC x
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          • Admin

            Admin Site Owner Admin

            Absolutely completely agree (y)
            And as for the story of your friend/acquaintance wow... Go her!
            That sounds so cruel and painful, but she obviously did the right thing for HER and that's the most important thing.
            As with this story, I think it's remarkable and when you know, I suppose you just know and that's that.

            Hell of a thing I am sure.. x
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            • I did think what an odd name so I Googled it. Makes sense now.

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              • Admin

                Admin Site Owner Admin

                Wow that's fantastic... Good find Miss FLC ;) xx
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                • Good god......if I must say so myself, nice
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                  • Just had a TS patient on our ward. Amazing gender transformation. I was slightly jealous if I'm honest.
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                    • Admin

                      Admin Site Owner Admin

                      Amazing to know and I often seem to hear ladies say they're jealous of some of the transformations from TG :) x
                    • They always seem to have cracking pins!
                      FLC x
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