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In the name of research!!! lol

Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by TownhouseTwosome, 6 August 2015.

  1. TownhouseTwosome

    TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

    Hey guys!
    If you haven't seen me hanging around yet, I'm Vicky from Townhouse in the NW. We are a long established club of 10 years and we have been going through a major rennovation project to make our club one of the nicest around. With this, we have been overhauling our events, which has made a huge difference to the experiences people have in our club.

    Our Saturday nights still remain to be our busiest night, closely followed by our BDSM nights which usually attract around 90-110 people. Our mid month saturdays are the quieter nights with maybe 55-70 people and we want to do something with these nights to spice them up a little. These nights are being rebranded as we speak with a new name and their own blog, but we need some input from you guys as to what you would like to see on a Saturday night if you had free reign. Go mad!!!

    Just so you have a comparison, our end of month saturday night, which is our main party night usually attracts 120-130 people (capacity) and we have a DJ on (and an occasional act) a huge buffet, a fun theme, the club is decorated, we may have naked twister set up and we offer overnight stays at very reasonable rates. This sets the end of month saturdays aside from the rest of the month and it is all for the same entry.

    We have tried different mid month themes, but less and less people are inclined to dress up to the theme or embrace it; They just want a great club to swing!!! So this is what we have been providing. However, if you could have anything in a club on a Saturday night, what would it be? This is a chance to introduce new stuff to our nights, while the rebranding is taking place, so come on, brain dump your ideas and it doesn't matter how mad they sound!!!

    Thanks guys
    Vic xxx

    What is already available at our club so you don't repeat what we already have:
    Wet area with sauna
    private rooms
    public group play rooms
    glory holes
    3 dungeons
    love swing
    couples only room
    separate bar and lounge
    licensed bar
    private parking
    sheltered, private smoking area
    free towels and condoms
    wrist band system to state preferences
    toilets and showers on 3 floors
    smellies in toilets
    mood lighting/disco lighting
    non cliquey seating
    hot food
    changing rooms and lockers
    sheets on play beds
    individual sound systems in playrooms for you to select music
    full tour of club for newbies
    orgy room
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    • Wow that is one long list of facilities! #savedforwebsite lol bar a glory hole in not sure what else a club could need! Out of interest, do u charge for mid month event? Entry that is. Think mid month people have less money etc xx
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      • Pearls

        Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

        Wow and think you guys have it all covered xxx:love::love:
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        • TownhouseTwosome

          TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

          Yes of course we charge for mid month events but couples only pay £20 before 9.30pm which is a tenner each; not a lot really. We also have free memberships for everyone and new couples get a reduced first entry of £12.50. We also have a loyalty card scheme; one stamp per entry and when they get 6 stamps, they get a free entry. A lot of couples use their full loyalty cards mid month when they have a little less money.
          Also, despite having a licensed bar, we still allow people to bring in their own booze and if people are feeling a be skint mid month, they could bring in their alcohol to keep costs down.
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          • Pearls

            Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

            Hi guys
            Reading this and I must say a lot clubs would never allow members to bring their own when you have a licensed bar on the premises so well done you
            We have places here that dont have a bar so people do take their own but thats different so good on you xxx:love:
          • That's a GD deal, :) u ar one of the mist kitted out places I seen, trust me on that one ;) xx
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