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INDULGENCE - All Female Party @ Townhouse 30th July

Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by TownhouseTwosome, 23 July 2015.

  1. TownhouseTwosome

    TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

    OK girls!! Here are the final details for our forthcoming girls night!! I have been busy tying people down (such a chore lol) to committing to the date, so apologies for the late listing.

    So this is a night for girls to get together and enjoy the company of other females, in whatever way you wish!http://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/wink.gif You can socialise, use our dungeons, hot tub, play, eat and get involved in the activities.... It's up to you! http://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/mrgreen.gif This is our 4th Indulgence event, which have been running since last year and it's always busy and SO much fun!!!!

    So here's what we've got lined up for you this time.......

    We have a room put aside as a 'photo booth' so you are free to use your cameras in this room ONLY and we will have some props for you to use and enjoy. If you enter this room, then you understand that you may be in a photograph.

    As she is so popular, our Reiki and Indian Head Practitioner is with us again; just book in your free therapy with her on arrival http://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/biggrin.gif

    We will have a bouncy castle in our front yard for you to test out your pelvic floor muscles! Lol
    It will be covered in case it decides to rain!

    We will have a UV playroom and I will place UV body paints in there for you to get creative on one another!

    We will have a small self service cocktail area for you to experiment. Vomit though and your eating it!!!!

    We will have a Twister game set up on the top floor...naked Twister anyone?

    We will have some scrummy fruit and mallow kebabs on the bar for you to nibble on as well as chocolate dipped strawberries

    We will have a mirror noticeboard for you to tell people about yourself, what you're into, if you want to play etc....we will also have a band system for you to state your preference if you want to. So Red = just socialising, Pink = gay/bi and looking for lady loving, Green = I'm a fetishist, let's chat!

    We will have Ice cream cones available to cool you down

    Lastly, as it's summer there is an OPTIONAL dress code of beachwear... Interpret that how you wish!! Lol

    All of this for £10 per person and we open our doors from 6.30pm til 1.30am.

    We also have overnight stays at the following rates...£15 for a single private room, £20 for a double private room and £10 for a semi shared room. There will be a few hosts floating around to make sure you're all having a good night and to show newbies around. Non members more than welcome!!!!!
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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Sounds amazing again... Creative party ideas indeed guys xx
  3. TownhouseTwosome

    TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

    Thanks!! Indulgence is always a very busy, popular night as it's a chance for our girls to let their hair down and just do whatever they want. Some don't play, they just want to have fun, away from reality for a bit! :)
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Indeed, sometimes it's not about playing, but having fun with like-minded people..
    Sometimes that's all that is needed :) xx
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  5. Added this to the calendar for you (y):D
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  6. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Oooh one for the girlies!

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  7. TownhouseTwosome

    TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

    I have 60 confirmed names for this party now!!! It's going to be awesome and I (Vic) am off work!!! I am on the fun side of the bar!! Wooohoooooo x
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  8. Haha, I'm sure this will be an amazing success. Good luck. X
  9. Charlia

    Charlia PV Sprtr

    Can't wait for the next one of Thursday!!!
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  10. Charlia

    Charlia PV Sprtr

    On Thursday even!!
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  11. Charlia

    Charlia PV Sprtr

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  12. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

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