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Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 23 February 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    I wrote this a good while ago

    Jenny pushed her back against the freshly closed door and fell until she sat on the floor her head in her hands as she weeped her heart broken and head filled with rage. Her precious girl Sarah been taken away like she was every weekend by her dad Jenny’s adulterous ex-husband her first clenched angry that he was still part of their lives.

    Jenny stayed curled up in a ball of sorrow and hurt until she heard the bleating of her phone and with a heart filled with sadness and teary eyes burning read

    “I hope we are still on for tonight, I will see you at 7”

    Without thinking jenny responded with

    “Of course we are, remember your bring the food.” sending this message cheered Jenny somewhat her clearing eyes read her watch and croaked

    “It is already 3, i have to get ready”

    Gingerly she rose to her feet and spent a nervous hour setting and resetting her kitchen table until it was made perfectly with a white laced table cloth formal place settings and a collection of mismatched and half burnt candles. Her phones alarm beeped letting her know that it was already 4 jenny took a deep breath and set off towards the bathroom.

    After she had finished her bath the curvy short Jenny walked naked to her bedroom a towel in each hand. Looking around the somewhat untidy room she murmured

    “good job this is a first date”

    Before carefully laying a towel on the padded bench that sat in front of her dressing table. Sitting on the towel covered bench jenny looked at her soft round wet face face nervously in the mirror as she picked up and rolled a bottle of red nail polish in her fingers, she was torn over the plans for that evening thinking “Maybe i should just call the whole thing off i have only met them once” jenny clenched her fist around the the bottle and said to her self.

    “No i want to do this, at least i should give tonight a go”

    Breathing deeply jenny placed the bottle on the table and start to carefully dry herself then before dressing she set about painting both her toe and fingernails a deep red.

    By half past six jenny was sat wearing a sleeveless knee length black dress her legs encased in sheer black nylon, soft romantic played as Jenny sat waiting again nerves building in her her hands shaking as her phone once again bleeped hardly able to hold it still a message read

    “running a bit early hope that your ready i will be they in a couple of minutes” This made Jenny's nerves even worse now knowing she couldn’t back out of it one way or another her date would be there very soon. Time was a blur for jenny trying to keep calm as she waited her soft nervous singing was broken by the sound of a soft knock at her door.

    Jenny knew that her date was here somehow her nerves seemed to ease and fade replaced by a giddy excitement she nearly jumped to her feet and slide on her black patent leather heels and strode confidently to the door. Opening it with a smile she was met by a blast of warm summer air and the slight of a tall delicately pretty woman that couldn’t of been more than a day over 25. Jenny was too stunned to move not because of any return of nerves but by the beauty of the woman that stood before her, the woman's soft pink lips formed a reassuring smile and started to speak softly and crisply

    “Hi, I remembered” The woman raised her hand showing a jute bag to jenny that was packed carefully with two clearly very hot food cartons

    “Thanks, Rebecca” was all the Giddy Jenny could manage to say.

    “I was so scarred that you would call tonight of” Rebecca said in a relieved tone

    “No why would you think that, but we should get in and eat.” Jenny said increasingly relaxed and calmed by the slight of the pretty young woman in a beautiful satin ivory coloured frock.

    Rebecca offered and wrapped her hand around Jenny's as she was lead through Jenny's living room and into the kitchen she stopped and gasped at the dark candle lit room with the beautifully set romantic table

    “Wow this is amazing it is a shame i have only brought some pho.”

    “Why?” Jenny softly and quizzical smiled back

    “A beautiful candle lit table like this deserves the finest food.” Rebecca retorted as Jenny took the bag of food from her spun round and placed it on the table as she walked over to the cupboard to retrieve some dishes Rebecca couldn’t help but to admire Jenny's shapely form.

    “Come on it will get cold.” Jenny maternally beckoned as she poured the broth into some deep bowls. Rebecca did as she was told and stopped watching Jenny and sat down very primly at the table as Jenny placed the spicy beef soup in front of her before moving round the table and sitting opposite. Looking at the candle lit young woman and noticed that Rebecca was doing the same they smiled at each other and began to eat both made small talk as they did. As they ate and talked Jenny couldn’t help but notice that Rebecca kept gently running a foot up and down Jennys right leg, each time she did Jenny's mind raced knowing what the glorious Rebecca wanted, as she finished her last spoonful a very nervous Jenny blurted

    “Rebecca, why don’t we go into the other room it is more comfy.”

    “Please call me Becky.” Rebecca seductively purred.

    Music still softly and quietly escaped the stereo as Jenny once again lead Rebecca by the hand this time to her large soft sofa, Jenny turned and before she had a chance to lower her self Rebecca passionately kissed her on the lips electricity and passion seemed to race through Jenny like never before causing a soft accepting moan to escape her lips and be caught in Rebecca's mouth Rebecca responded by sliding her tongue into Jenny's open mouth and rolling it over Jenny's

    “Mmmm wow” Jenny blurted nervously as she pulled free and dropped herself down

    “Yes?” Rebecca asked as she carefully smoothed her dress and softly lowered herself and crossed her ankles as she settled next to Jenny

    “Yup, that was amazing, I could.” Jenny paused not wanting to finish

    “It’s okay Jenny.” Rebecca softly spoke reassuringly as she reached out and wrapped her hands softly around Jenny's right hand, Looking at the nervous Jenny Rebecca once again spoke “You're so cute when you're nervous.”

    Jenny could only respond with a girlie nervous giggle she didn’t know why but this beautiful woman made her feel like a silly school girl with her first crush rather than the 33 year old woman that she was. As Jenny's eyes found Rebecca's giddy nerves faded away replaced by passion and longing both women had eyes locked together as they moved towards each other and after what seemed like an age they lips met in joy but passion caused both to open their mouths and they tongues to firstly caress the others and then begin to wrestle with passion, hands roamed freely but it was Rebecca that found the zip on Jenny's dress and carefully traced it all the way to her neck finding the fastener she held it between her fingers and paused

    Rebecca pulled away and smiled through smudged pink lips she barely had time to take a breath before Jenny locked her lips to hers again excited she slowly and teasingly unzipped Jennys dress and moved her hands onto the freshly exposed soft skin. It was jenny that pulled away next she was filled with lust but still managed to easily raise to her feet look at Rebecca in the eye and offer her a hand and guide her upstairs.

    They barely made it through Jenny's bedroom room door before locking into a passionate embrace once again Rebecca's hand once more went straight to Jenny's exposed back while Jenny Pulled Rebecca close with one hand while the other caressed her tight shapely bottom, causing her to moan and also raise her hands to Jenny's shoulders once they she carefully slide Jenny's dress off her shoulders before slightly pulling away and asking

    “You sure?”

    “Mmmm” Jenny nodded back as she pulled her arms free from her dress leaving it hanging around her waist.

    Rebecca moved back close to Jenny this time softly kissing her, Her hands darting exploring looking over Jenny's back until they found they prize the clasp that held Jenny's black laced bra closed, feeling this Jenny kissed Rebecca harder her tongue darting in to the young woman's mouth as Rebecca flicked it open Jenny jumped slightly in shock before relaxing her shoulders allowing it to fall away. As the pair kissed Rebecca's hand once again roamed purposely over Jenny this time working down and sliding Jenny's dress over her curvy hips as she did Rebecca was shocked not by the fact that Jenny was wearing hold up stocking instead of tights but by the fact that she wore no knickers. Rebecca already excited was now very giddy and wanted this woman more than even and with loving force laid her down on her bed and climbed next to her still fully clothed and shared a passion and lust filled kiss and quick hug.

    Rebecca knew she needed to be naked as well and decided to give Jenny a show as she did. She pulled away from Jenny stood up and started to sensually dance running her hands provocatively over her satin dress, Jenny was mesmerised by this her hand subconsciously gently squeezing her sizeable boob by the time Rebecca moved a hand behind her back and unzipped her dress Jenny was rolling a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and softly moaning. Rebecca was a tease and was lost in her strip she turned to show her unclipping her own bra but hadn't noticed that Jenny's hand had now made its way into the downy auburn hair that lightly covered her crotch. Rebecca was welcomed by the sight of Jenny’s legs wide open and playing with herself as she turn back round a sight that so excited her she nearly tore away her white knickers and whispered to herself

    “There will be offer times.”

    Rebecca smiled a lust filled smile as she lowered her self to Jenny's left breast taking its nipple in to her mouth and sucking tenderly before rolling the tip of her tongue around it then flicking across it, this new sensation was so exciting to Jenny that her hand picked up pace as she slide a finger into her own wet wanting pussy and lewdly moaning, Rebecca didn’t stay with Jenny's breast for long she had other lower places to explore and please. As Rebecca kissed her way down Jenny's soft flowing belly Jenny moans became more and more intense Rebecca wanted to take her time but knew she could Jenny was getting to close so pulled jenny's hand away from herself and lowered her head to Jenny's femininity.

    Rebecca could feel heat radiating from Jenny hair covered pussy and smell her sweet wetness she licked her lips in anticipation but waited just holding her head there for a moment. Jenny laid there hot and excited not sure what to do as her lovers breath teased and blow over her pussy she some how manage to stammer

    “Please, Becky, Please”

    Jenny was rewarded as the tip of Rebecca's tongue traced over one of Jenny's creases flicked her clit and traced down another Jenny's moans returned as Rebecca continued this action over and over but becoming slightly firmer with as she did Jenny's moans now became guttural her pussy sopping wet Rebecca knew she was very close and forced her tongue on Jenny's clit making little circles around it or flicking it across it as she teasing slide a finger into Jenny's wet pussy and used it to make circular movements as Rebecca added a second Jenny roared and screamed out

    “Becky, Ohh fuck, Becky, YOU'RE BECKY, fuck…” as her pussy clenched onto Rebecca's fingers her body bucking and twitching as she hit the most powerful and intense climax of her life.

    Jenny exhausted gasped for air as she slowly came down from her incredible high it was some time before she managed to open her eyes but when she did she was greeted by the kind pretty face of Rebecca tenderly moved in and kissed her Jenny was the one who broke the kiss with a soft smile as control and strength returned to her body, before she spoke she sucked her lips tasting a little of her own sweetness and shakily said

    “Babe that was, I have never been that happy.”

    “I’m glad” Rebecca smiled as she felt Jenny's red nailed hand tracing over her shaven Pussy, almost inaudibly Jenny whispered

    “I’m worried”

    “You’ll be great i know you will, just relax and it will come naturally” Rebecca said as she gave Jenny a reassuring kiss.
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  2. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

  3. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    hmmmm great, more needed now xx
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  4. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Thanks they is a part 2
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  5. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    get it up here then xxx
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