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Just A Quickie

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Minxy, 6 April 2016.

What should you always trust your heart or head or gut instincts?

  1. Heart

  2. Head

  3. Gut Instincts

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Minxy

    Minxy PV

    Do you always trust ur instincts? Or Follow your Heart? Or Head Rules? Do You just get that feeling in stomach & you know instantly? Or beat yourself up for not doing what you know you should have?
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  2. Only had the feeling once, but I can truly say the feeling in my stomach was something I'd never experienced before or since. I definitely knew immediately xx
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  3. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    I should trust my head much more but I always need up following my heart and getting all confused with myself
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  4. I always go with my intuition its never done me wrong so far.
    I do tend to get quite a strong gut feeling. There has been the odd time ive not listened and kicked myself. Xxxx
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  5. Gut instinct. If I let my head rule then I would not have done half the exciting things I have done in my life.
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  6. Sometimes youve already listened to your gut feeling and you knw deep.down its right but you just need the confidence to act on it. So courage is what you need xxxx
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  7. [HIDE=3,4,5,20,2,7]What I 'should' do and what I actually do are completely different!! I always follow my heart which means I get hurt often!! Should try to follow gut and head more often!! [/HIDE]
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  8. Gut always. Its can be hard tussling between what your heart tells you is right... and what your head knows is not.
    It depends on your individual situation.
    Sometimes you have no choice but to take a chance and go with your heart.
    Its ok listening to your head, because its the safe easy option to take.

    But going with what you know in your heart of hearts is right... maybe the scarey thing to do..
    Head =saftey which may in turn, be safe... but will you forgoe happiness..
    Take a chance go with your heart.. you may struggle.. for a while.. but you will be happy.
    I took a big leap of faith and went with my heart yes i struggled... but for me to follow my heart was the right thing to do.. i certainly wasnt going to spend the rest of my life... in misery.
    Hardest but best thing i have ever done.
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  9. Guy first, heart second. Well head is shot anyway :eek::eek:xx
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  10. Very interesting subject.

    Over the years I've always let my head outvote heart, especially if my gut can't make up its... mind?

    I've always had a tendency to over-analyze; I worry too much about possible consequences to the nth degree, and I've often been so concerned about misinterpreting people's signals and giving offence that I've backed away from far more come-ons than not. Result; lots of perfectly good opportunities for plain unalloyed fun have been missed, and I can only think of one single place where its made the blindest bit of (positive) difference in the long run.

    Its become a rather ingrained habit in fact, and one which I am trying very hard to kick. Any assistance will be gratefully received. Or to put it another way. If you like the look of me, don't flutter your eyelashes and hope I notice 'cos I probably won't; just grab me by the collar and give me a kiss, that'll do the trick!

    Captain Smith.
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  11. Normally trust my head as I'm far too sensible.

    It's disappointed me in the past as I missed marrying the greatest women I've ever met :(

    Life moves on, you make different decisions, you gain new experiences and your outlook on life changes...

    Now, I'm probably more like to grab the moment...
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  12. It's good when all three coincide...but that is a rarity sadly, which leaves you open to chance I guess.
    Then there's the situation where you head tells you one thing...and your heart another!..That's a bugger too :(
    If I had trusted my head...I would have never married my soulmate :)
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  13. Great question Minxy
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  14. always go with your gut instinct
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  15. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    We always go with gut instincts, we have a look that we give to each other, that determines the rest of the events afterwards, and once we commit, we always follow through, to the end.
    Tbh, its not often that the look is given and agreed on, and sometimes it depends how hard Mrs A team kicks me on the shin as to whether my look becomes approving lol !! but when we do agree, it always to press, has been a great evening !!!
    Mr A Team
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