Kopinov's "End of the World" perversion thread...

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Are we all fucked yet... I mean really, totally?

  • Yes, we're all dead as vaporised dodos - take me now and skewer me like an upsidedown banana nun!!

  • Yes, we're all going to die a horrid foaming death - fuck me now while I'm not liquid!

  • Who cares - my sybian powered interstellar escape pod is fueled and ready to go... ha ha bye!!

  • Umm maybe, I don't know - I'm not political and prefer to suddenly die in ignorance.

  • No, it'll be fine - our leaders can be trusted and they've done really well so far, haven't they?

  • There is no spoon.

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Oh well, fuck it - that's it then isn't it...?!

Finally, that time has come which we all knew or suspected might ... the last of my chocolate has finally run out!!

... oh and the ice caps are melting - and there's a new antibiotic-resistant super bug coming to get us - and now Turkey has just shot down a Russian SU24 ... well, pick a death and happy fucking days!! o_O


So here's the plan: enjoy life while you can!
It all rather makes you want to walk down a street with a feather duster in your hand, wave your tackle at a WPC with PMS and shout "What a lovely day to stick this in yer jam sandwich!" ... okay maybe not quite, but certainly grab whomever you like and do with them what you've always wanted to - you know, all those really grubby messy dirty things you've been thinking about but not really wanted to admit to before ... anything!! :sneaky:

So what would you do and with whom, here (or not), would you do it?...



15 September 2014
Soooo agree Mr K.
I am worried about all this and see a bleak future to be brutally honest.. :unsure:
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Actually slightly disappointed it hasn't happened yet - now I've got to put up with another dismal boring Cumbrian Christmas with forced jollity over a stinking platter of bread sauce and Brussels fucking sprouts.

Kill me now! :confused:
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24 November 2015
Seeing as no other bugger has opened up their innermost pervy thoughts then I will. You know me...the shy one lol

Final fantasy... to be dominated but not to sissy level by @legseleven while she stands over me in killer heels and those eye watering legs are wrapped in exquisite patterned stockings.

Right you lot...confession time
mmmmmmmm and which colour heels and stockings, red i think for you amboman as it would be a fiery end to the world :)
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