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Lucy And Emma Part 1

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 3 March 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Ian's Journey home home was much more rapid than normal somehow the excitement of his holiday week ahead had put a little extra zip in his step, so by the time he got home they was no sign of his girlfriend Lucy which wasn’t out of the ordinary as she normally got home later than he did most nights.

    With the house empty he decided to draw himself a bath not something out of the ordinary in fact is what he did every day but his Friday baths were special as it marked the first step of his transformation from dull professional weekly Ian to his weekend alter ego. Once the bath was filled and he had adjusted the water temperature to his liking, he took a bottle of rose scented bubble bath from the rather well stocked bathroom cupboard that stood by the bath behind the taps he emptied it into the clear hot water of his bath until it turned a pale shade of pink, he then undressed placing his clothes in a small laundry hamper that sat near the bathroom door and gently lowered himself in to the hot water once sat he realised that the rose scent had filled his nostrils causing him to drift away from the masculine to something much more feminine. Ian then started to thoroughly clean himself with a variety of floral scented soaps once he was satisfied that he was clean he then reach for his razor and carefully started to shave his right leg, once this was done he moved to his right leg before shaving any his arms, under arms, and the two circles of hair that surrounded each of his nipple once he was done Ian stood up and exited the bath and emptied it.

    As he opened a bottle of scented moisturiser he looked at his naked hairless body and started to massage the sweet smelling substance into to his skin once he was done he then filled the sink with hot water and a little of the bubble bath while he changed the blade on his razor once the sink was filled he gently rubbed shaving form over the lower part of his face before shaving making sure to go with the gain once done he wiped his face checked and applied a second amount of form and shaved a second time but this time he made sure to go against the gain once done and face wiped again Ian looked at himself seeing no sign of facial hair, a broad grin formed on his face at this sight and as he applied moisturiser to his face softly he said to himself.

    “They we go we're starting to get they aren’t we Emma” He then rubbed the remaining moisturiser into his hands before leaving the bathroom

    As Emma opened her lingerie drawer she took a moment to look over her collection of knickers most of which were lacy and had matching suspenders the other side of the drawer contained a variety of stockings and a few pairs of tights, Emma took out a pair of white laced knickers and they matching suspender belt which she clipped around her waist and she then carefully rolled a sheer stocking that had a slight shimmer up each leg and fastened them to the clips that hung down from her belt, Finally she carefully pulled on her knockers adjusting them so that she had almost no discernible bulge at all.

    Emma sat on the small stool that sat in front of the large dressing table next to the bottom of lucy and hers bed and open the top draw and took out a collection of make products and carefully arrange them in order that they were to be used starting with foundation on the left and working all the way to mascara on the right, picking up the tube of foundation Emma started applying it just as she finished with it a call came from down stairs

    “Hey Babes I’m home how are you, i went shopping at lunch and got us a little something, Are you down here?” Lucy called out in a single excited breath and even as Emma started to say

    “No I’m up here in the bedroom” Lucy was already climbing the stairs and was soon behind Emma. Lucy smelt the air and said

    “Hmm Babe you smell beautiful want is it?” Lucy quizzed as she dropped on to the foot of the bed.

    “I don’t know, ummm, actually it must be that new moisturiser that we got the other week.”

    “It smells great really feminine but guess what, I bought you a present today well us a present really wanna see?” Lucy excitedly buzzed

    “Let me finish and then i’ll look ‘kay”

    “Can I help?”

    “Thank babe but you taught so well I can manage by myself now”

    “Hmph, then me and my presents will go wait down stairs then” Lucy joking retorted as she stood up and swung around on the ball of her foot and matched towards the door. As Emma turned round to watch Lucy leave the room well Lucy's butt leave the room at least, Lucy looked at Emma stuck out her tongue and blow a farting noise at her.

    “Did you just blow a raspberry at me ?” Emma asked trying to hold back laughter

    “Yep I did little miss grumpy knickers.” said Lucy as she disappeared through the door, Emma returned to her make-up and the businesses of getting dressed.

    Lucy heard that tell tail clickety clackety of heels on the stairs and looked up just as Emma entered the living room, Lucy paused speechless for a moment as she took in the sight of Emma wearing Pink high heels, a very short pink dress below which her stocking tops were clearly visible, near perfect make-up, Lucy took breath before she noticed Emma's fingers a ring sat on her right thumb but what really stood out were the soft pink nails each one extending half an inch from her fingertips.

    “wow, you look amazing . but what do you think of my present?” Lucy struggled to say as she stood up and twirled in front Of Emma it was only at this point that Emma realised that Lucy had also changed from her long professional looking black dress she had worn for work into a red star trek mini-dress.

    “Well what do you think Hun, Can I be your Nurse Chapel?” Lucy asked with new found composure.Without answer Emma took the few steps over to Lucy and tenderly kissed her soft brown paint lips for what seemed like a long loving age to them both eventually though Emma broke the kiss and said in a near whisper

    “Nurse Chapel was well a Nurse and they wore pale blue”

    “Well at least one of can be the nurse I got you a blue one , you always look great in light blue.” Lucy said in smiley way to Emma. A quick scan of the room and Emma saw it carefully laid out on the coffee table.

    Emma nearly overwhelmed looked at Lucy and gently said

    “I love you, you know” and once again moved her head a kiss Lucy but this time it was different this kiss wasn’t of loving tenderness but one that was filled with excitement and passion heightened when Firstly Lucy tongue darted in Emma’s mouth quickly followed by Emma doing the same and also guiding Lucy to a seated position on the sofa once Emma was happy Lucy was safely seated she lowered her self to be knelt in front of her her and started kissing and nuzzling into Lucy’s neck then slowly across the bare skin at the top of her chest as her mouth explored Lucy's upper chest one of her hands was caressing Lucy’s left thigh by the time it had almost reached her knickers Lucy suddenly moved her arms and grab Emma head pulling her up for a deep and passionate kiss, before pushing Emma away lifting up her bottom and reach up under her tiny dress and pulling her blue knickers down as she could Emma then took hold of them and pulled them the rest of the way of Emma's by bare legs. Once her knickers were out of the way Lucy opened her legs and Emma moved in and started to kiss and gently nibble on Lucy’s thigh as she worked up towards her bald naked pussy which she then started to explore with her tongue Lucy did the best she could to guide her lover to her most sensitive parts and soon was moaning and fidgeting with pleasure

    “Em….. oh….. em… please..em...i..neeeeed” Lucy panted as she tried to speak but Emma’s month made that impossible. Emma soon moved stood up and reached under her skirt and pulled down her knickers, her cock now finally freed from its lace and satin prison quickly grew and became fully erect. Again the two passionately kissed and Lucy hand reached down a grab hold of Emma impressive cock and guided it into her hot wet waiting cunt once in Emma start to slowly thrust in and pull out out Lucy this slow gentle movement was quick replaced though with a fast passionate fucking, Soon Lucy reached her orgasm and with this her pussy clenched around Emma’s cock which was all she needed to hit her peak as well and with one last final mighty thrust she came shooting a huge load deep inside of Lucy.

    Neither of them could move for a time so powerful and complete had they orgasm been, it was only when Emma’s softening cock slipped from Lucy that she moved and rolled off to the right even after this Emma dropped her head onto Lucy’s shoulder.

    They stayed like this from nearly ten minutes before a now composed Lucy turned and looked at Emma and said

    “Sorry babe but I think we might of smudged your make-up a little” Emma raised her head and looked at Lucy throw ruined make-up and said very matter of factly

    “Well we're both on holiday now and there's always tomorrow to look pretty.”
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  2. Very very sexy story..... Love it thanks for posting
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  3. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Thanks I have a few more stories about these two
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  4. I would love to read them

    - P
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