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Lucy And Emma Part 3

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 10 March 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    It was just after six when the loud buzzing of an alarm clock woke both Lucy and Emma. Lucy limply reached over to turn it off before rolling within Emma protective arms so that they were facing each other, both still in a state of half sleep lovingly smiled at each

    “Umm morin’ babe, I suppose we should get up then” Lucy groggily moaned.

    “Yeah i suppose, We’ll be going it to deep woods i bet.” Emma offered in reply. Lucy pulled herself her free and raised so that she was in a seated position as she answered

    “Yup, you know this forest girl so well.” Emma smiled as she admired Lucy’s naked form before speaking again.

    “I’ll go sort the bags then.” to this Emma smiled back and said good i wanted a quick bath before we went anyway.”

    Emma entered the kitchen still naked from bed and took down Lucy and her rucksack that hung by the door, Lucy bag was pale pink with a rather large embroidered purple flower the kind of thing that you would expect to be owned by a small girl rather than a solicitor in her late twenties the other a rather dull and faded khaki. Emma placed them on a small table that stood in the centre of the room before moving to the fridge and retrieving two plastic boxes one contained a wide variety of continental cured meats while the other held a number of wrapped pieces of cheese she placed the boxes in Lucy’s bag then proceeded to add a pair of black waterproof trouser and a lilac mac. Into her bag Emma placed a very large and heavy pink and blue tartan blanket that left just enough room for her waterproofs.

    As Emma was fastening her bag Lucy’s arms reached around her pulling into a tight loving embrace,some how Emma managed to spin round to face her beautiful blonde haired partner and smiled as Lucy spoke.

    “I run you a nice hot bath hun.”

    “Thanks were about packed up.” Emma excitedly yet also softly answered

    “I do a pan of porridge okay.” Lucy stated then gave a short pause “We’ll need a good breakfast today.”

    Hearing this Emma pulled from Lucy’s embrace and started for the bathroom and as she left the kitchen Lucy’s playfully called to her “There's plenty of bubbles for you.”

    Emma entered the bathroom and was hit by the sweet rose scent that diffused for the hot pink tinted bathwater. Emma smiled as she stepped in as they wasn’t a bubble insight she could have happily laid and soaked they for hours but knew they wasn’t time for that and set about washing and shaving a few spots of stubble. Once clean and fully smooth Emma moved to the bedroom to dress looking through her drawers and wardrobe decided upon a capped sleeved pink tee shirt, a pair of light purple cargo pants and from her lingerie draw retrieved a rather plain pair of white knickers and a padded sports bra. Emma Held the bra in her hands and said softly.

    “I not like wearing these things but people don’t take much notice of a girl with small boobs.”

    Emma then quickly but took care the make sure he bulge was as flat as possible and that her bra was seated correctly once happy she applied a little pink lipstick and made her way down stairs.

    Lucy parked neatly in the empty car park smiled turned to Emma and florally said

    “Looks like where the first here”

    “Well it didn’t take us long to get ready and the roads were quite.” Emma explained

    “Yeah well it is only quarter to eight i suppose.” Lucy stated as she looked down at the clock. As she looked back up she was meet by a great loving kiss for Emma. Once she broke free Lucy smiled saying.

    “Wow, babe I love you too but well have to get going.” Both girls left the car almost simultaneously and retrieved their respective bags from the boot and started along a trail leading into the forest. The two followed the path for around thirty minutes until it crossed a small dried culvert and turned back towards the car park.

    “This is it time to go in properly bade.” Lucy excitedly exclaimed

    “How do you know and where are we going?” Emma quizzed

    “Just trust me i grew up these woods and you’ll love where going.”

    Emma followed as Lucy left the trail and started making her way easily through the virgin woodland. Soon Emma was lagging a little and wished she had given Lucy the heavy bag but as she did Lucy stopped and listened to a signing Hawfinch.

    Once the small bird finished it’s song Lucy rose her hands to face and replicated the sound almost perfectly

    “Wow that was amazing babe, you sounded just like it.” Emma said in a slight state of shock

    “We’ll I’m sure that Mr Hawfinch didn’t think so.” Lucy said before thanking a deep breath and continuing “I was just saying hello to the forest, You should always be polite.”

    “Babe forests can’t talk or listen.” Emma said as confusion started to flow across her mind.

    “Hunny when I was a girl my dad always told me that I should always look after the forest and be polite to her, And if I did she would make sure that I lived happily.”

    “But I didn’t think you believed in religion and stuff.”

    “No I say blind faith is silly and this isn’t blind faith it’s real!” Lucy said with a building anger in her voice.

    “Sorry babe i did mean to upset you.” Emma meekly said trying to pacify Lucy. Lucy stopped as if trying to gain courage before she spoke.

    “I have you, that’s why I no that the forest is real see babe because i have you.” Lucy hurriedly said as loving tears started forming in her her, seeing this Emma moved forward and started to cuddle Lucy. Lucy pulled her head into Emma’s neck before speaking again

    “When I was little I always took care not to break any branches or disturb anything in the the woods really.” Lucy sobbed as tears began to flow.

    “Did it make you happy?” Emma quizzed

    “Of it made me happy, I found you.”

    “Well then.” Emma said before drawing breath and loudly saying “Lucy would like to thank you Miss Forest and so would I for making us the happiest girls they are.”

    “Thank you, babe.” Lucy sighed as she managed to stop crying before Kiss Emma draw breath and saying with confidence.

    “We’re not that far now.”

    As Emma emerged from the thick forest into to the clear and incredibly glade she couldn’t help but look around noting that they were now surrounded by a near solid wall of oak and lime, the ground covered with soft green moss that was punctuated by small colourful flowers.

    “Thank you.” Emma almost inaudibly said.

    “What was that honey?” Lucy asked

    “Nothing babe, it must of been the wind or something.” Emma responded nervously.

    Lucy simply but knowing smiled at her before asking.

    “You've got the blanket right?”

    Emma smiled as she removed her bag and pulled the Tartan blanket out and set about laying it out been careful to remove any ceases, as she did Lucy pulled the boxes of meat and cheese from her bag placing them at one end of the blanket and asking.

    “Stall we eat babe? I’m hungry.” Emma answered by sitting down and eating a slice of salami, seeing this Lucy sat in front of her and leaned so that her back rested on Emma chest and started to eat.After the two had finished both meat and cheese Emma stated.

    “We should have brought some fruit, you know for like a pudding.”

    “Why don’t you lie back babe.” Lucy huskily said

    Emma without hesitation smiled and laid back on the blanket and as she did Lucy turned to face her girlfriend smiled and lowered herself into a kiss. As they lips meet Emma mouth opened allowing for the entrance of Lucy’s tongue.

    They kiss lasted a mere moment but for them an age seemed to have passed until they were disrupted by a rustle from the surrounding trees, hearing this Lucy’s stiffened shooting her head up her eyes scanned the perimeter.

    “It’s nothing babe just a breeze.” Emma purred as her hands rose and pulled Lucy head back to hers. They kiss again for a glorious loving moment befor Lucy broke away and strated making her way to Emma’s neck. Emma moaned with pleasure as Lucy’s hands slowly made their way to the hem of Emma shirt once there they started slowing pulling it taking care to grab hold of Emma’s bra as she did as to remove it also relieving Emma’s beautiful flat chest. Tossing Emma shirt to one side Lucy lowered her head and started gently sucking and nibbling on Emma’s nipples. Before working her way down Emma’s abdomen once she reached her belly button Lucy reached for Emma’s trousers to unbutton them, as she did instinctively Emma raised her bottom off the ground allow Lucy to pull her trousers and knickers down to her knees. Lucy paused and momentarily watched as Emma’s cock started to swell with excitement.A second rustle was heard this time both girls eyes scan the edge of the glade satisfying that they were alone.

    Once Lucy was happy they were no uninvited guests she moved and knelt reached up and seductively unbuttoned then removed her cheeked shirt followed by her pinked laced bra. Looking up Emma could see Lucy’s sexy little B cup boobs and smiled as her cock grew even larger and even harder this in turn caused Lucy to smile as she lowered her head to Emma’s crotch and with gentle tender kisses and licks started to tease Emma’s hard cock. Emma moaned as Lucy teased her pleasure and passion raising to near unbearable levels she tried to thrust in Lucy’s mouth and in response Lucy simply rolled her head a little barring entry. A cool breeze across Emma’s wet cock brought her enough to her senses to see Lucy raise to her and lower her tight shorts and lacy pink knickers to reveal her perfectly smooth dripping pussy.

    Lucy stood over Emma and lowered herself until the tip of Emma's cock touched Lucy's wet outer pussy, Lucy held herself there for a moment enjoying the feeling of Emma's twitching cock on her, before she lowered herself Emma slid easily in and her cock basked it the pleasure of that amazing tight hot pussy. Lucy now started small slow movements further teasing Emma. To keep the this slow tease going Lucy had started biting at her lower lip hoping that the pain would some what hold off the pleasure that was now building in her, but it was hopeless as she uncontrollable increased in pace raising almost right off Emma and slamming right down.

    "FUCK" bellowed Emma as she finally found the realise a huge powerful orgasm, This cry of passion coupled with a shooting twitching cock in her caused Lucy to peak and cry out in low beastly growls of extreme passion.

    Lucy then collapsed onto Emma completely spent her heart still racing and lungs burned such was the physical exertion her orgasm had caused but she still smiled never before had she felt so close so much as one with Emma as she did then and it was within that moment of pure bliss and oneness she knew Emma as the one, the one person to share the most intimate of desires with.
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