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Lucy And Emma Part 5

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 23 May 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    A 5th of November to Remember

    The centerpiece fire roared and filled the air with both excitement and and the smell of oak and pine smoke as Lucy and a nervous Emma entered the thronging field.

    “It’s fine babe your the prettiest girl here” Lucy softly reassured Emma as she took the nervous womans hand and tenderly rubbed it, as Emma’s eyes locked on to Lucy’s she forced a nervous smile and whispered almost inaudibly

    “That’s not true, we should go home.” hearing this Lucy scowled at Emma and sternly said

    “Well i know that to you i’m the prettiest, but want ever you say were not leaving babe” Lucy paused of a moment and carefully chose her next words which she lowered her voice to say “No one will know, they will just think that we are two really hot girls”

    “Are you sure?” Emma asked as she loosened her nervous grip of Lucy’s hand

    “I’m sure honey, and i wouldn’t be surprised if some guy doesn’t try to hit one us”

    Emma smiled and almost giggled before answering “Well that would be very silly of them, but i’m hungry let's get something to eat.” Lucy kissed Emma before agreeing that food would be good idea with a nod and a gentle pull towards a donut stall.

    As the two women walked they shared a bag of donuts and made for a small mound that that was quite a way from both the fire and the amassed crowd, when they reached it Lucy span and dropped herself to on the dry ground smiled up at Emma and said

    “Come on babe sit down, this will be a great spot to watch the fireworks.” Emma didn’t need a second offer as she too dropped herself to the ground. The two sat and cuddled for a short time before a short dumplin of a woman pushing a pram approached and nervously spoke

    “Err do you two mind if i join you, i’m on my own you see”

    “No problem at all.” Lucy happily answered with an almost excited tone, which caused nerves to once again race though Emma body as she tried to hide herself

    “Thank you both it is just that i have had a long day” the unknown woman offered as she carefully lowered herself to the ground slightly away from the couple before taking a deep breath and quizzically stating “I’m jenny by the way and the little one here is Sarah”

    “I’m Lucy and this is my wonderful Emma.” Lucy returned with a smile

    “Are you, you know together?” Jenny nervously asked

    “Yes we are” Lucy angrily answered with a glare

    “No i’m fine with it really” Jenny nervously and slightly scarred returned adding 2 Sometimes i wish i could just find a nice woman and forget about men” Upon hearing this Emma for the first time spoke but in her most delicate and feminine of voices to ask

    “Do really mean that, thinking of finding yourself a good woman?”

    “Yes men can be such dicks, and sometime i want to wake up to a beautiful girl like you two must do.”

    “You really think we're beautiful” Emma interrupted

    “Of course you are” Jenny returned with a moment of thought

    “See i told you babe.” Lucy smiled at Emma. The three women spent the next hour getting to know each other they even swapped phone numbers but they time talking was ended by the pop of the first firework drawing their attention to the display beginning

    Rocket after rocket shot up and exploded in great glitty bangs lighting up the night sky which cause Sarah to both scream and laugh excitedly, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Lucy who now watched the girl instead of the impressive fireworks display. Lucy didn’t realise at the time but Emma had noticed where Lucy glaze had become fixed and as the last few rockets shot and lit the sky Emma moved and pulled Lucy into a tight loving embrace.

    As the last rocket lit the cold night sky the crowd cheered and Lucy rolled her head towards Emma’s and the shared a delicate loving kiss, this moment of loving contentment was broken by Jenny raising herself to her feet and proclaiming

    “Thanks for the company, i really like you two.”

    “That's fine” Emma returned before smiling and asking “I hope that we can do this again?”

    “That would be brill and i’m sure we will.” Jenny exclaimed as she smiled and left with Sarah.

    As Lucy and Emma walked hand in hand the short distance home Emma spoke softly yet in a very assured tone.

    “Thanks for keeping me out tonight babe.”

    “Awww Honey that’s fine you’d of done the same for me.” Lucy answered as she loving held Emma's hand

    “No i wouldn’t have been able without you” a relieved Emma stated

    “I know but you're my girl and” Lucy paused for a moment taking breath and blurting “the world should know i’m yours.” To this Emma abruptly stopped took a deep breath and shouted

    “I’m Emma and i’m Lucy’s girl and she is mine.” Lucy couldn’t stop herself from at first smiling and then laughing as she heard Emma, She was only able to stop her laughter by throwing herself into Emma's arms. As the two hugged Emma whispered into Lucy's ear

    “I saw how you watched Sarah” Lucy tensed and filled with nerves as Emma continued “And well if you want we could” Emma paused not knowing what to say next and a strange silence enveloped the two which was eventually broken by Lucy asking

    “Are you sure?”

    “Of course” Emma answered quickly and added “You’ll make a great mum” and passionately and excitedly kissed Lucy

    “Babe we need to get home” Lucy said with a voice that suddenly filled with excitement and lust.

    The two almost run the rest of the way home as both their minds filled with lust so much so that as soon as they both entered their house Emma grabbed and span Lucy around and kissed her deep and passionately right they in the kitchen. A lust filled Lucy responded by desperately removing Emma's coat throwing on the floor she started grabbing at Emma’s back as her tongue entered her mouth, As she did Emma felt and at Lucy bottom with one hand as the other reached up under Emma's coat and top to massage and feel at her back. Birth moaned as Lucy pulled away and hurriedly pulled and tore away her clothes, Emma’s eyes locked on Lucy as she copied her partner in disrobing.

    The two naked lovers kissed as Emma grabbed Lucy by the waist and easily lifted her on to the kitchen side, once there she broke the kiss and moved quickly and took one of Lucy’s sensitive nipples into her mouth and flicked her tongue across her nipple making Lucy moan but also grab great handful of Emma’s hair and force her head lower, something that Emma didn’t even try to fight.

    Lucy moaned in pleasure as the tip of Emma’s tongue Slowly traced along the edge of her pussy. The felling may have been amazing but Lucy was in no mood for delicate teasing and wrapped her delicate but powerful thighs around Emma’s head and with her hands still holding Emma’s long hair pulled her in and held her there, as Emma started lapping at Lucy’s increasing wet pussy pussy with long, powerful yet highly skilled licks. As she did Lucy moan her grip weakened letting Emma escape her grasp.

    The now free Emma rose and returned to passionately kiss Lucy they tongues wrestled with each other as they hands raced over and feeling every inch of each other , eventually Lucy’s delicate hand reached Emma’s hardening cock and began wanking it. Emma wrapped her hands around Lucy’s waist and moaned into her lover mouth as Lucy tried to pull the now erect Emma into her her but was unable to while she sat on the surface. Both girls kissed and desperately tried to think of a way to fuck it was Lucy that had the the inspired thought as she pushed herself off the surface and spun around giving Emma full access to her.

    Emma quickly kissed at the now accessible rear of Lucy’s neck as Lucy once again reached for the cock that she loved so much and guided it to her entrance, they both moaned as Emma slowly pushed all the way in to Lucy’s incredibly wet pussy.

    “God babe i need this” Lucy growled desperately, this call of desperation was answered by an agonising slow movement by Emma pulling back a little before sliding back in.

    “Please babe, take me.” Lucy roared with an almost angry desperation this call spurred Emma on to start to fuck Lucy hard. Lucy moaned and roared with guttural pleasured tones as Emma fucked her like some kind of wild beast. Lucy’s moaned became louder and animalistic as she reached a powerful orgasm which in turn drove Emma to trust in hard and climax herself.

    The two buckled with pleasure the side the only thing that stopped them from falling. As Emma softened Lucy managed to roll under her so once again they were face to face.

    “Babe that was amazing” Lucy panted

    “I know Honey, it was….” Emma panted in return as she tenderly kissed Lucy who noticed something hard pressing into her leg.

    “God babe your excitable tonight”

    “What?” Emma confusedly asked, to this Lucy tenderly run a finger along Emma’s once again hard cock.

    “Sorry, hun sorry.” an embarrassed Emma said

    “Babe it is fine, But let’s go upstairs this time.” Lucy seductively purred.
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  2. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    well thank you I have one last one to upload
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  3. Looking forward to it x
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    I read this last night, very good work.. I love the attention to detail. :)
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