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Man-on-man swinging

Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by SteveSub, 22 June 2015.

  1. I have a friend who used to swing with his very pretty wife, but he now restricts himself to sex with men (and still obviously his wife). Can I ask, how common is Man-on-man sex as a part of swinging, and I'm not just thinking of the odd bit of oral? Are there many fully bisexual male swingers, or am I a little bit of an oddity?
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    • Good question and I know that many men are bisexual and quite a few here too xx
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      There are actually many believe it or not!
      There's many men involved in the swinging scene, who either openly admit they're bi/bi curious, or deny it but do play a little.

      Here's a perfect thread about this very subject;

      You may see notes on accounts, about the person's bi status or curiosity so on.
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