Member of the Month; Biba! / Double Trouble

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15 September 2014
Hello Sexy Peeps,
Well here we go...
Biba & Stephen, aka Double Trouble - do a lot for us all both on and off the site.
They are extremely supportive of the site on social media and help promote us, to pretty much everyone.
They also have exceptional senses of humour, which was shown when unbeknown to them both, I changed their name from Biba - Biba&Bi, to Double Trouble and I also changed their header photo to Little Miss Naughty and Mr Naughty - from Mr Men. :p
They took it as it was meant to be - a good laugh..

Henceforth we're pleased to announced that @Double-Trouble has made the grades this month! :D

We would like to say HUGE thank you to you for always being so polite, friendly, chatty and ready to get involved in on all the discussions. Your sense of humour is now legendary and by God you put me though my paces alone, let alone any other members.!

Your interaction with users and profiles is fun, lighthearted and influential too, which I should imagine most people don't realise.
The amount of changes that have been made on profiles, because you have stepped in and mentioned things, is actually quite remarkable.
What you also do unbeknown to others here, is also another reason why we made this decision.

You input has been noticed and very much appreciated!
Congratulations on being our member of the month... :) ;)
And thank you! xx



Fievel managed OK :)