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what's in yours.. What's your most prized possession, I know, I know not your children, or your other half. material things?!
Mine my father's medals, my children's birth ID bracelets. The paintings and little, pocket money gifts, I've been given, through the years.

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My 'memory box' (a draw next to the bed) is a bit blokey, really - gig ticket stubs, broken watches, battered photos (of kids, Lis, mates etc.), footy ticket stubs, flyers for swingers clubs, festival wristbands, old inserts for cassettes that have long gone, dog-eared kid-made cards.
I also wear beads around my neck, that my eldest daughter made me about 15 years ago and - as the lace has broken a few times - my other daughters have added to over the years.
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15 September 2014
I am not really a materialistic person, but I have a full set of Gurkha swords/knives from WWII which were my grandfathers that I am a bit sentimental over.. Plus my books (I have a library pretty much)
Added to that, letters that @Pearls had written to me when we first found each other, and even up until recently.. All kept in my bed-side chest.
Apart from these, I don't really care much about things..
Oh actually, I have a miniature Fender Strat Guitar sent to me by my father (we don't speak and I have no family - long story) who is a musician, and it was given to him by David Gilmour -after some sort of session they had.
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