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    My fantasy

    Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by PRG978, 10 July 2015.

    1. Would be a swingers club, where both male and females had to come wearing tights... The club would have lap dancers wearing sheer black tights and would rub against you as they walked passed and would get involved in any fun when it was happening.

      The girls in the club would dance together and rub there bodies together to make each of them orgasm whilst the punters were fucking and playing in tights.

      Not everyones cup of tea, but certainly would be fun for me :)
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      • Admin

        Admin Site Owner Admin

        Sounds very kinky and fun.! No may be not everyone's cup of tea, but by God it would be a boring life if we were all the same..
        I like the idea of ladies dancing together in their tights.! :sneaky:
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        • Lips_Pearls

          Lips_Pearls PV P Sprtr Registered

          It does sound very kinky indeed hun and hope you fullfill that fantasy :p:p
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          • Pearls

            Pearls Site Owner Admin

            Yes agree Lips and you should have fun with this fantasy xx:love:
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            • LadyLily

              LadyLily PV P Registered

              It does sound very interesting. Well done you for being brave enough to share it!
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              • Lola

                Lola PV Registered

                It sounds like a great club to me. I wish they made a body stocking type of sheer tights, instead of only the fishnet ones (that I also do love).
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                • VoluptuousVixen

                  VoluptuousVixen PV P Sprtr Registered

                  I have one from Lovehoney, although it's more dress like.
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                  • Lola

                    Lola PV Registered

                    It it just like sheer stocking material?
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                    • Lovestruckcpl

                      Lovestruckcpl PV Registered

                      Imagine all that static electricity in the room :)
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