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My New Spanish Friend


Is this, real or is it fantasy, You decide lol xxx

Last Saturday late morning, another swinging couple who we know very well, and see on a regularly basis, rang us to see if they could pop over for the evening, and bring along another male friend of theirs for me to meet.
She explained she had already previously sampled his sexual skills, (quite a lot) and knowing me well as she does, thought I would like to try him out too, and other than saying he could more than cope with the both of us, she teasingly would give me no more details other than his name, and that he's very experienced, and I would enjoy him a lot.
Now I have to say, whilst We are experienced swingers, this scenario is not one I'm really used to, or I am honestly comfortable with, as I normally like to chat and get to know people an awful lot better before meeting them.
So all afternoon, I was really quite apprehensive at meeting this new strange man, that I knew absolutely nothing about, yet I was seriously excited and strangely turned on, to the point of actual pussy drools running down my thighs, with the very erotic thoughts that were running riot through my head and what may, or may not hopefully be happening later on that evening, with the five of us.
My husband and I have known this couple for a few years, and are fully relaxed and open in their company, and we both are comfortable with them in every way you can imagine, and trust them implicitly, and we all know how to please each other sexually through a lot of mutual previous practice, but this new guy, would I be attracted to him, would he like me, the feelings of a new strange mans hands on me, how he would kiss me, how would I react, would I like him, how he would taste, would he smell nice, would he be my type, and maybe if all goes well, would I maybe get to feel him sexually, and his new strange cock pushing deep up inside me for the first time, as well as my girlfriends husband, and my husband, that I am both already used to.
As the evening and their arrival time got closer, my husband popped me in my anal plug to relax my bottom for the evening, which made me gush instantly all over his hands, he could obviously tell how very aroused I was with the prospect and thoughts of the evening ahead, and he slipped two fingers into my severe aching wetness and brushed my G Spot, "hmmm it felt so good" , I arched my bottom upwards to meet his fingers, and he laughed and teasingly slapped my bum cheek and said you'll have to wait you dirty girl, now even wetter,
I hastily popped on some lingerie and stockings, and as I always remained commando, I went to get my drink that my husband had poured for me, very shortly after that, our guests finally arrived.
The couple we already knew came in first, followed sheepishly by this new guy, they introduced him to us, and us back to him,
On my first impressions he was of average height, deeply tanned, a rugged builder type, with toned body, with a groomed designer stubble, and a cheeky confident grin, thick chest hair peeping out above his slightly unbuttoned shirt, and a very sexy deep Spanish lilt when he talked,
(hmmm, he certainly ticked everything for me) .
He looked at me in my revealing lingerie, taking in every inch of me, and my obvious very flustered aroused state, and as he looked straight at my totally smooth pussy, he took a deep breath, and grinning like a naughty school boy, he walked towards me, and kissed me gently on the lips, saying how much he'd heard about me, from my girlfriend and her husband, and how he couldn't wait to get to know me, and touch me.
I instantly melted everywhere as his tongue met mine, and whilst kissing and talking to me, he did just that, right there, right then.... OMG, the sudden feel of his rough skinned fingers as they unexpectedly and firmly explored the extreme wetness in my pussy, his sudden touch made me cum nearly instantly, and within only a long minute or so, I gushed my creamy wetness and quivered in an uncontrollable orgasm all over his deep exploring fingers as our tongues hungrily flirted together, in a very deep kiss, and all to the giggles and applause of my husband and the others around me.
Slightly embarrassed at the applause, he withdrew his fingers and looking straight into my eyes, gently and seductively ran them over my lips to taste myself, then he also licked on his own slippery wet fingers tasting my juices on them, and all with a very naughty grin on his face, as he eagerly savoured my taste.
The rest of the night was just as amazing, we grabbed some tapas I'd prepared earlier, and kept ourselves liberally topped up on wine, and we all just fucked and licked and sucked intensely, yet at our leisure.
All of us frequently swapping partners, sometimes all jointly playing together, but all cumming lots with each other, I even pulled out my insertable cock from my extensive toy box, and got to play back with my girl friend, and also the new guy who actually turned out to be very bisexual, and as the evening developed they both of them readily took it firmly and extremely well from me.
I have to say, My preference for a guys cock size is a Mr average and thick if at all possible, and when given a choice, I never ever normally go for long cocks, but this new guy was huge, easily 10" but yet very slender, and not thick at all.
Now I know I'm quite firm inside and still nice and tight, and whilst I came an awful lot on his cock, and the others lol, so as with most guys that have previously cum, he still had to go at me quite hard and deep for it to hit all of his spots, and obviously some of mine. Accordingly the next morning I was very bruised and severely tenderised inside after the repeated deep pussy pounding him and the others all gave me, before he finally exploded very deeply inside me.
However, his slim cock size was his only fault, he had lovely thick creamy cum, and absolutely loads of it, and repeatedly filled both of us girls with his tasty cum, and everywhere, (as also did our husbands), his fingering skills were bloody amazing, and I'm sure he was a lizard in an earlier life with his tongue skills.
My turn eventually came with him to fuck me anally, so he too bent me forward on the bed again to get good access, his cock being that much thinner than I'm used to slipped very easily into my already fucked bottom, and far deeper which for me, was also far nicer and far more pleasurable than when he was up my front lol, and after a vigorous balls deep pounding he exploded very very heavily in their too , I was very very happy as was my girlfriend, who also joined me on her knees, and we had each other's husbands hard cocks waiting at face height to be sucked and emptied in to our mouths and wherever else they pleased, whilst I was being firmly anally spit roast fucked hmmm,
So after an amazing night with our sexy friends, who brought a new male friend for me to meet, and my loving very sexy husband, and all of us enjoying each other's pleasures freely, we've gained yet another new male friend who can gladly call on us for a threesum whenever he is in the area lol xxx
@The-A-Team xxx
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