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I'm John, married to Beth, both of us bi curious, into cuckold, threesomes (only done mmf so far) and we want to take it to the next step so I thought this would be the place to come!

Don't really know what else to say!


11 August 2015
Hello and welcome again @Johnjohn. It seems like you are finding your way around the site and good to see you getting involved in the forums. You are in the right place, have fun :D
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27 April 2015
so I thought this would be the place to come!
Yes we agree absolutely, and without a doubt, we have been on many sites before coming here, and we truly love it here, so relaxed, so informative, and so involved, its a welcome change to this lifestyle to see something come along that changes things for the better, We seriously hope you meet loads of new friends and have loads of fun along the way, We certainly are,
Our Regards, The A Team xxx
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