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No Names Needed

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by No longer with us.., 12 April 2018.

  1. There was once a girl called Raven, she looked sweet but with a naughty smile that betrayed the fact that really she was a slut, there was nothing more that she loved to do than suck and gag on a huge cock.
    She was having a naughty conversation one night with her FWB who loved to hear about all the dirty depraved adventures she had and this was the perfect one to tell him about.

    One hot humid night Raven went out to a bar and after many drinks, dancing and fun she caught the eye of a hot guy across the room, the attraction was instant and drew them closer, within few minutes of talking their lip's were together, hot and sweet, tongues probing and gently entwining, the kissing becoming more urgent as they continued, her hand slid down his body and slowly back up his leg, feeling just how long, thick and hard his cock was she knew she just had to get her lips around it!
    "I need that cock" she whispered into his ear, body panting and pussy wet already.
    He took her hand and walked out of the bar into the night, walking her towards his flat that he said was nearby, they had to stop several times to push up into doorways their want for each other was so intense, his hand sliding under her skirt to dip into her wet pussy, kissing her hard.

    Eventually they got to his and clothes were pulled off feverishly as soon as they came through the door, Raven kneeled down hungrily in front of his huge thick throbbing cock, wet with pre cum that tasted so amazing as her tongue slowly licked the tip, making sure her lips were nice and wet she thrust her head straight down on it, pushing him into the back of the throat, clutching his ass and pushing him in as deep as possible trying to get every last bit into her mouth.

    As she began to gag, saliva running down her chin and her big blue eyes watering as she looked up at him he grabbed her head and held her there, gagging to the point she could take no more.

    He dragged her up by her hair taking her to bedroom and threw her down on her back so her head was hanging over the edge, squatting over her slightly he put his hairless balls into her mouth making her suck them, as he lent over spreading her legs and shoving two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, finding her gspot straight away making her moan and writhe.
    He pulled his balls away and thrust his cock deep in her mouth, holding her head he started to skull fuck her, gagging away, tears and spit streaming down her face, feeling his cock tense up he pulled out and with a quick rub he was cumming all over his face, the dirty little slut in Raven started licking all the cum up that she could reach, smiling that naughty smile.

    He grabbed her head again pushing it onto his cock to keep sucking and make him hard again, with his cock raging once more he pushed her down onto the bed and slid his hard cock deep into her soaking wet tight pussy, she gasped at how much his cock stretched her, moaning to at how good it felt, he started to fuck her hard, her hips lifting up to meet every hard slam inside of her her, grabbing her huge bouncing tits, biting gently on her nipples and licking on them until they were rock hard.

    His hand started to grab her arse and slowly he pushed a finger into her tight hole, a loud guttural moan escaped Raven’s lips and reaching up to his neck she pulled him towards her, with a hard kiss she moaned and said "Just push your cock in there already"

    With that he lifted her legs up over her head, spitting onto her tight arsehole he pushed the head of his cock straight in, feeling how tight it was resisting his cock it made him even harder, her loud moans made him push in more until he was balls deep and started fucking her hard and fast, Raven was screaming her head off, loving every minute of his thick hard cock stretching her arse.

    He then pushed one of her legs over the other until she was twisted on her side, his cock still buried deep in her ass but exposing her pink wet pussy just waiting to be filled. He thrust three fingers straight in, feeling how tight she was her pussy almost grabbing onto his fingers, the tips instantly finding her g spot again and as fast as he fucked her arse he rubbed that spot until she began gushing into his hand, hot wet liquid pulsating from deep inside of her, he kept going making more and more gush out, she had to lean down and bite hard on to the pillow to muffle her screams they were becoming so loud.

    He pulled out his cock then laying down on the bed, demanded she sit on him, Raven didn't need telling twice and eagerly she climbed on, sliding her arse down easily this time, her own cum lubing it up. She sat upright, grinding down on to that throbbing dick, it filled her up so much she could feel it rubbing inside her soaking wet cunt, he reached up grabbing her boobs, pinching her nipples and twisting gently making her moan even more, back arching, pushing down hard, sweat glistening down her body in the heat of the warm summers night.
    She couldn't believe how filthy it was, "oh fuck you feel so good in my arse” she practically growled to him.

    He started pushing up against her fucking her until he could take no more, grabbing her hands he pushed her off of him and onto all fours on the bed, he slammed his cock into that wet juicy ring, still feeling the tightness but loving how wet she was, he put his hands on her arse and spread it out wide and started fucking her for all his might.

    His groans got louder and deeper, Raven was moaning so much, occasionally she would let out the word "fuck" and "Oh God” the pleasure making all speech involuntary.

    Her voice was almost trembling she could feel the most intense orgasm building up inside of her, her legs shaking, arse pushing back onto his cock she felt her pussy tighten, the flood of the orgasm taking over, muscles twitching and this warm intensity took over her.
    The orgasm was so intense he could feel her muscles clamping down even inside her arse, before he knew it he was shooting hot sticky cum deep inside her, his own orgasm taking over him, leaving him breathless.

    After a moment he slowly leaned his weight down on her, her body sliding face first onto the bed and then he was on top, rolling to their sides, he was still inside her.

    Kissing her neck and making her shiver she twisted her head back and leaned to kiss him, starting as a gentle kiss it became more passionate.
    His hands holding those soft big heavy boobs, massaging them gently, then lifting them up so she could put her head down and lick her own nipples. The sheer site of that started to turn him on again and before Raven even knew it his cock was throbbing once more, he pushed her back to face down in the bed, grabbed a fist full of her long black hair and hammered away into that stretched and abused arsehole,

    "Does this dirty little whore like being fucked hard?" He shouted at her.

    "Oh yes, so much. Abuse my slutty arse, fuck me so hard I scream" she whimpered back at him.

    That's exactly what he did do, it was hard and fast, using her as much as he could, so nasty that he felt himself cum once more deep inside practically roaring like a warrior he came that much.
    Panting and out of breath he released her hair and slid his spent cock from her, cum trickling out as he did.
    She turned over then with a huge smile on her face, leaning up to give him a long kiss on the lips, "Thanks for that" she purred.

    As he lay down into his bed, Raven got up retrieving her clothes sliding back into her top and skirt, pushing her bra and knickers into her bag she slipped into her shoes.
    Walking back to the bed she kissed him once more and as she pulled away, he looked at her with slight shock said "We never even told each other our names!"

    With a slight laugh and very slutty smile "That makes it more fun" Raven happily told him.

    With that she left the flat to find a taxi, with every step she smiled knowing his cum was sticky in her messed up hair and slowly trickling out of her ass, she had indeed been the perfect little whore tonight.
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  2. Wow excellent and I love to write too (Y) well done, phew!
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