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No Quiz This Week

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Deleted member 1402, 11 October 2016.

  1. Howdy folks.

    This week we won't be having a quiz on Thursday night, we are hoping for it to resume next week.
    So I thought we could all just pop in the chat room at 8pm for a bit of banter and a laugh.

    If anybody would like to take over as Grand Quiz Master/Mistress, let us know.
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  2. as long as someone says something, think we scare people as every one sits on the side lines when we are in chat room
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Thank you for that x
    I will of course keep the speed set low so people get chance to reply etc without spamming within seconds of making one post.
    I am sure people aren't scared of you. Probably still trying to get to know you - people of few words. :)
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  4. how could a lovely pair like you scare people? I'll be there nattering away, I won't ignore anybody
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  5. You had to get the words "master/mistress" in didn't you....:ninja:
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  6. Absolutely :whipping:
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