Nothing is too silly for me !!

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Whatever your concerns, whatever your questions, nothing is too silly too stupid or not discussable, and knowledge helps you be much more confident in your meets and future endeavours,

I am Social Swinging's AgonyAunt, and I am for the majority of the time online somewhere live, Probably the easiest way to contact me is message me direct, I will of course answer ASAP, When I'm in chat, feel free anytime, everything is TOTALLY confidential, anything that is discussed is kept between you and me full stop.!! SERIOUSLY !!!
I wont tolerate abuse, nor will I pander to peoples fantasies, but I will offer you unbiased advice and any hints and tips gleaned from many years of very successful swinging, both personally and through knowledge gained.
I trust you will find my services useful and look forward to talking to you all in due course just in case you should you need me.

Many Thanks, @ShhhAgonyAunt