Open House? is it for you?

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I thought i would share this with you lovely folks, I came across it today while doing some research, have to say very different, looks to be a very new thing. They are gaining a lot of popularity on twitter, with many posts from users about staying and enjoying themselves.....

Is the tension rising enough yet?....

So as the title suggests its called Open House, The opening lines to the site is:

"Open House is a place where hosts open up their house to invite like-minded adults in for shared adult pleasures. Suitable for swingers, nudists, BDSM lovers and poly families throughout the UK. No more boring, bland and soulless hotels for you!"

At the moment their website is not that filled with content, users have been asking on twitter and they are claiming to be added more features to it, time will tell.

If you're interested in taking a look the links are below.

If anyone does take advantage of this please do tell :D

Bobby xx
Owner of

Open House Website
Open House Twitter
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15 September 2014
Oooh very, very interesting... Will do some looking into this with perhaps a touch of research too! :whistle: :bouncy:
;) nice find..

let's see what develops on the site, there's not much content as you say, some errors to.. So let's see what develops eh? :)
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