Parked Up In The Woods

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A story I wrote a while back to an unknown beautiful woman... it's a fantasy, as yet unrealised. One of many not to be taken too seriously.

A couple of cars are parked far up a forest track. One is unoccupied. We are in the other - sitting side by side in the front. Music is playing on the CD. It's something you like to listen to when you need to wind down and catch some head space. In the distance, barely visible through the trees, the mountains of the Lake District soften a line from land to sky. At your feet in the foot-well sits a bag containing all your favourite toys which you had brought along.

For a while we talk aimlessly about what we do and what we like. Our conversation skirts our desires like a shark around a sinking boat. Little by little, though, the topic narrows as our pupils dilate. I ask if I can see what you have brought with you and you open the bag for me to look. In it are a variety of vibrators and dildoes. I take one out at random and we talk about why you like it. Next, another one.

I catch a scent of your breath. It is hot and carries with it a familiar yet indescribable air, somehow reminiscent of spice and heavy with pheromones. Though faint, it sends a jolt through my senses and a sudden chill spasm across my crotch. You look into my eyes and unknowingly recognise its effect.

My nerves jangling, I work up the courage to ask if I could lift your skirt up a little further. Smiling, you nod and wind the back-rest of your seat down a bit. I lift your skirt to find you're wearing nothing under it.... naughty. I take one of the toys and slowly, so slowly, slide it up over your thighs and round your buttocks 'til I near your vagina, moving towards and around and over it teasingly. The tip moves gently over your perineum, around your carunculœ and brushes past your clitoris. An intake of breath followed by a slow trembling sigh treats my ears as a tingling warmth starts to grow and emanate from the pit of your stomach, spreading outward into your crotch. A bead of moisture appears and slowly runs down your buttocks onto the seat-cover. At the sight of it, another jolt of excitement runs through me and I feel my body respond.

You reach into your pocket and remove a blindfold which you put over your eyes before winding your seat the rest of the way back. The moisture which had been little more than a glow before now oozes perceptively out of you as, at last, I slide the toy slowly but firmly into you. You feel every part of it as it gradually advances and retreats and advances further and further in. I watch your thighs tremble and widen involuntarily as your breathing becomes deeper and more erratic. Your head arches back towards your hands which twitch and fidget on the rear seat behind you. By now your excitement causes the toy to make sucking noises as it moves in and out of you, rippling over your g-spot and rugæ. A large damp patch has appeared on the seat-cover beneath you. I look closer to see a tiny shining rivulet forming from your perineum to the seat. Another jolt is sent through me.

You slide your hand under your shirt and move it around your nipple, giving it minute squeezes and tugs. You groan and become moister still. Still holding the toy inside you, I gently tease the folds of skin around your clitoris and your vestibule with another of the toys from the bag. Your breathing has turned to a series of moans and gasps as your mons veneris angles itself up and down, in and out in time to the motion of the toy inside you.

I feel the back of my hitherto loose fitting trousers stretching against my backside and I move to loosen them. I suddenly realise that your other hand is there and I lift myself up slightly to allow you to pull my trousers down a way. My silk boxer shorts are pulled with them. I feel your fingers gently close around my freely erect cock and I tremble in response. With an effort, I focus back on your toys as you slowly massage and milk me.


We continue gently pleasuring each other for what seems like an eternity. Gradually, though, your attention to me wanders and your gasps and moans change to an ever growing crescendo of mindless cries as you start to climax. Below the blindfold, your face has taken on an expression akin to that of shock, your jaw apparently locked open. I feel wetness on my wrist and look down to watch your crotch buck and pulsate, ejecting cum in a succession of gushes down your legs and over my hand. It is hot and viscous.

The sight starts to set off a cascade of tight pulsations deep in my prostate. My prick, still in your hand, stiffens further. A stray thought in the back of my head coalesces - I didn't think it could get any harder. I dispel it from my mind. There are far better things to be dwelling on right now. And what a glorious sight you make. Your labia, now pink and quite swollen, clutch at the toy as you thrust your pelvis up and down in time to the waves of orgasms crashing over and through your body like an endless swirl of sherbet explosions effervescing from deep within your ovaries and out over the whole of you. I very gently tug at your labia with my finger tips before moving back to your perineum. I feel your trembling hand squeezing the base of my prick spasmodically. Twisting my torso, I lean over and down and curl my tongue around your clitoris. Your cries become a garbled scream as you reach a pinnacle which sends a shudder throughout the length of your body. Your exudations pump out of you and past the toy and my face with an audible squirt and send a spray of cum down your calves and into the foot-well. Like a grain of sand in a raging storm, you are engulfed and swept away. Then slowly, so slowly, it all subsides - leaving you exhausted but singularly content in the cradle of a warm glow.

Sitting up again, I slowly extract the toy from you. It slurps as it is freed from your clutch and a stream of your pleasure works its way down and onto the seat. I look closer and notice that the cover is dotted with a pattern of moisture splaying out like a blast from your vagina. Breathless, you sigh and straighten your shirt then laugh. I start to laugh too, then realise that your attention has turned to what is still in your hand. You reach over and give me the blindfold. As I put it on I feel your hands pulling my trousers down past my knees. I wind the back-rest of my seat the rest of the way down and happily abandon myself to your whims. I hear you rustling in your bag and wonder what you are doing. A small pop - the top of a tube of creme perhaps? Another, slightly louder pop - yes, definitely. Your hand moving up and down my prick draws my attention back to my growing pleasure. I sense, rather than feel, your body move closer to mine and I feel something cool against my anus. I tense and then, with a conscious effort, force myself to relax. Gradually, knobble by knobble, you work it inside me. I can feel you searching out my prostate gland with one of the protrusions. Oh, bingo! Without realising, I have started trembling and moaning.


Gradually, a rhythm becomes apparent as you move the toy in and out of me and your hand caresses every part of my penis. I feel one of your fingers pressing down on my epididymis and a wave of climaxes starts to grow far off in the distance. I know now it's inevitable. I can feel the sensations and their cascading chain reactions deep within my crotch as your hand becomes firmer around me. You, too, sense my impending orgasm and suddenly I feel the tip of your tongue on the tip of my penis, tracing a circular motion around and over its meatus. Then it occurs to me that it's not your tongue but an expertly placed finger tip moving through the film of pre-ejaculatory semen already starting to cover my prick and work its way down over my balls. The finger rubs it into the skin around my anus and cowpers gland and I cry out. As you massage me, now with only your thumb and forefinger, I'm unable to stop myself thrusting my pelvis upward as if pulled irresistibly by your ever so gentle touch. The power you so obviously exert over me sends a thrill of excitement through you. Unconsciously, your pelvic floor and thigh muscles tighten in response, squeezing your labia together against your clitoris. Again, an uncontrollable itch grows deep within you.

I realise your other hand is no longer where I thought it was as I hear a rustling and a small tearing sound. Your fingers move to the base of my prick and I let out another cry as I feel your other hand encircle its head. Slowly, you pull it downward and I realise with joy that you are unrolling a condom over me. As you reach the base I feel you start to move yourself over to sit astride me, face to the windscreen. The momentary respite as you release your grip pulls me back from the brink, only for my excitement to build once more as your thighs settle against mine. I feel your opening cup the end of my prick and I reach up to pull the blindfold from my eyes - I have to see this..... but your skirt is in the way! Fumbling with near panic, I lift it up and tuck it into itself at the waist. You give a dirty little laugh and do the same at the front. Still sniggering, you reach down to twiddle the toy still inside me. It has your desired effect. You snigger again. Before me, bared below the skirt, your round buttocks and thighs frame your glistening pudendum. Immediately below, its bulbous head nestling in the curves of your labia, stands my cock - seething. Your opening begins to widen and mould around its head and then you hold it there for a moment as a tease, my cock shrieking with anticipation. Slowly, you allow yourself to envelop me. The sight and sensations engulf and paralyse me as you rise and fall around my length with ever increasing pace. Once more, I glimpse some lines of moisture flowing down your thighs and I feel a finger flit across the top of my prick. I manage a brief smile as I realise you're going for it again. One hand on yourself, the other on the toy inside me and my cock deep inside you. Stupefied by your vulva sliding down and stretching around me, I am ensnared and completely helpless.

You start to spasm around me and my prick pulsates to your rhythm. As my prostate starts to throb, I know we are going to cum together. Our cries become more frantic and synchronised. We each have a sense of being able to feel the impending climax of the other and we know the other is feeling the same. Where you go, go I. Without thinking, I place my hands on your hips and they move with you - lifting you up and driving you down again. They meander their way down over your buttocks to stroke and tug at your turgid labia and are rewarded with a warm rain. I start to fill with the deepest of tinglings spreading to an explosion of successive swirling spasms in my prick, balls, prostate and, finally, all over. Oh yes, here it comes! In the same instant, you let out a great cry as you contract and discharge around me - your body bucking, your shoulders heaving and arching above your tantalising waist. We are both transfixed by the sight of each others organs in their plunging embrace as our now inseparable climaxes intermingle and multiply. Oh yes!.. OH MY GOD YES!!

Like a great pine seized by an atomic blast, my cock leaps and surges within you as you give one final pull on the toy inside me. Screaming, we both feel our orgasms entwine, boiling ecstasy up from deep inside me in a volcano of hot cum. My legs quiver and widen under you, pushing your knees further apart. My hands back on your hips forcing you downward, you shudder as I push myself as far into you as I can go, feeling the end of my cock rattle and vibrate against your deepest parts as it ejaculates semen upwards into you like an over pressurised hose-pipe. Your vaginal raphe and rugæ surge and pulsate in response gripping me tightly. I feel your cervix convulse and press repeatedly against the head of my penis and you let out a gasping moan as, once more, in a star-burst of orgasm you reach your peak, spraying cum like a shotgun blast into my lap.

As the flood starts to ebb, I focus back on your body as we both slow down and ease into ever decreasing movements. Again, the sight of you siting astride me carries me up. I feel the flood returning. We tremble and sigh in unison as a series of shuddering orgasmic aftershocks grip us in succession like peals of thunder rolling through us and echoing back of the distant mountains, eventually fading to calm.

We sit, breathless but quite still. Neither of us wants to uncouple from the other just yet. It still feels too good. You take hold of the toy and pull it out of me. The unexpected feel of its movement sets off another wave of lesser aftershocks, causing us both to have to catch our breaths once again. It subsides and all is still in the receding comfort of a dull ache. I notice that the CD has finished as you sleeve a hair-line of saliva from your chin. We sit as we are for a few minutes until one of us laughs, then the other. I wonder - did anyone walk past during all this? Oh what the fuck. Anyhow, they wouldn't have seen in with all that steam on the windows, would they?

You lift yourself off me and I pull the seemingly half full condom from me and wrap it in a tissue. We snigger again at the mess we made. You straighten your skirt then sit back in the other seat and wind its back-rest up again. I do the same. It occurs to me that I'm grinning inanely and I look over at you. You, too, are grinning, face flushed, eyes closed and head back against the head-rest breathing deeply, your nipples still erect under your shirt. We sit for a while in silence taking our breath and looking, without seeing, at the sky and trees around us. I wind down my window and feel a wakening breeze against the sweat on my face.

A little time passes as we talk more of what we do and what we want out of life, until the hour tells us both it is time to go. We each gather our belongings and make ready to leave. You lean over and give me a kiss - wow, we forgot that bit didn't we! - and we part.

I'm sitting in my car watching you in yours. I can just make out your features through the steam on the window. You smile and wave as you turn and drive away, then you're gone. I wonder if I will ever meet you again. Perhaps. But what the hell - I don't suppose it matters too much if I don't. That's not the point. Live for the moment. And when that moment passes, move on to the next. And so on and on.

I snap out of my daydream and reach for my sandwiches, thinking aloud, "I couldn't have done that on a full stomach."

Hey... it's just a story - please don't judge me for it.