Paul & Flirts Wedding @ Xtasia 7th Nov

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10 August 2015
West Bromwich
A very special night for us. Tonight we turn Xtasia into our very own Wedding Chapel. Having been married officially a couple of weeks before in front of our families, this is where we renew or vows amongst you our friends. We have our very own, very famous, Pastor in charge of proceedings. You'll love him.

Tonight we want to share our happiness with you, our friends. Friends from Blackpool where we got into all this, friends from Xtasia, friends from other groups who attend the club, friends we've made with other clubs around the country, friends from the fetish and swing communities. If you've attended the club, and we haven't fallen out, then we consider you friends! As an exception to the rule for Saturdays, a few single male friends will be welcomed in, (we do have one or two).

Dress code as you would for a wedding please. Smart, clean and tidy. Ladies, please feel free to wear that sexy number you wish you could wear at a normal wedding!

Dancefloor will be playing a very special mix of classic love songs to a very modern groove, we have the very best behind the decks for us. Come to party with us.

We hope to create a magical night for you all. Its free admission if on the following guest list. Just message us if not sure of how to get your names on. We need to know numbers.

Club Membership is needed and available via the Membership Page on our website for those who don't already have it.
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