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Paul & Flirts Wedding @ Xtasia 7th Nov

Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by Xtasia, 21 September 2015.

  1. Xtasia

    Xtasia VIP Member PV

    Admin created a new event:

    Paul & Flirts Wedding @ Xtasia 7th Nov

    Read more about this event...
  2. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    Again many congratulations and I do hope this will be a very successful event for you both.
    ;) x
  3. Hope it goes with a name guys.. Sounds awesome.
  4. Bang.. Unsure what is up with me today? I will blame predictive :rofl:
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  5. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    I've fixed some for you but as you corrected yourself, I will miss this one haha :D :p x
  6. Lol its like having my own personal spell checker... Fix this.. Gvbjf fphw mbvi
    **I can't spell correctly and my phone is bang on but I correct it, then blame autocorrect?, I make uber mistakes like your/you're**
    :rofl: sorry couldn't resist!! Xx

    ** Edited by me, admin, for the lolz. :D x
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  7. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

  8. You cheeky bugger, I've just seen this.. :p
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  9. TheVA

    TheVA VIP Member PV

    Congratulations Guys love all us here xx
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