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22 August 2015
So here's one for the egomaniacs out there.
On the first day of ruling the world,
what would be the first three things you would do?

For me it is as follows:

  1. I would make the world follow a single faith, so that there would be no more conflicts over who's divine entity was better, bigger or more forgiving.
  2. I would grant equality across all aspects of life, No one would be prevented from enjoying the right to exist and have the same privileges as everyone else within their own sexuality, gender, disability, or ethnicity.
  3. On a personal level, As a dog owner I would ban firework sales to the general public, they would only be allowed to be used for a public displays.
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11 August 2015
1. Make sure I could change the rules any time I wanted
2. Ensure I never ran out of coffee/chocolate
3. Ban all single males from swingers clubs - except myself obviously



18 July 2015
1. I agree only one FAITH .. Pair of shoes max. Let's face it FAITH shoes never last. God knows why Debenham sell them.. Makes no sense!
2. NAKED is good but leads to URBAN DECAY but what is the BENEFIT when MAC is better..
3. HEAT is essential as we don't want shrunken bits, but let's face it. MARIE CLAIRE wins.
Brilliant and good point about Faith xx