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You know I really am, at my attractive best... when I mix my innocence with my inherent overt sexuality. so In the spirit of this sexual kinky play,...

I"m looking at you with a mischievous twinkle in my eye. my hairs messy, my gaze unflinching, wondering....
My breasts are filling my blouse to the maximum, my nipples pushing through the fabric, clearly erect, visible.
I guess I'm making an exhibit of myself, but I don't care. Smiling I gently hold up my breasts, upwards, as if offering them to your eyes. My luscious titties now within your kissing distance. you reach out to hold them, feel their weight. Instinctively, your thumbs reach for my nipples, you toggled them, and harden them more to your touch. They are soft, warm and inviting. You lean forward and kiss my left nipple, taking it into your mouth. mmmm i let out a soft sigh. I am turned on by your nuzzling, nibbling, sucking, licking. You push them together and gorge on them. Its delightful! You ask me to turn around facing away from you saying....
"You really should let me show you, just how sexy that thing you're sitting on is."
I squeal with excitement... And do as you ask.
Cool air swirls around my thighs as the hem of my skirt is quickly pulled up and draped around my waist, exposing my full backside. My sheer red knickers showing a hint of what lies beneath, my body is throbbing, a muddle of unfulfilled desire, anticipation. My head swirling with conflicting emotions, I know what you want to do to me... My body finds the naughty nature of the act extremely arousing. Sensing my trepidation, your lips rain soft kisses all along my exposed flesh, raising my skin in a sea of little bumps of nervous excitement. Kissing every inch of each of my globes, getting dangerously close to my cleft but never breaching it...
You then began palming my bum, squeezing it. Soon I am on the receiving end of a full-on deep tissue butt massage. The release of tension feels so good, mmm real good. The energy released from my cheeks turns into a subtle heat, that settles into my core. I can feel a pool of moisture forming between my lips. I feel your breath warming me. i begin to melt from the inside. Breathing in me, she, its so sexy to feel you so close...
As if getting a whiff of my sex aroma, of my excitement, gives you license to be even bolder! You start rubbing your face up and down along the cleft of my bottom through my sheer knickers, still kneading my cheeks, soft kisses became mischievous licks, lavishing my flesh in tender affection. you make the first contact with the already damp gusset of my knickers. I let out a gentle moan, my mind is swimming. mmmm....
Pulling the wet crotch of my knickers to the side, you seek out the source of its moisture. you find it, your finger slides right up into my soft wet folds. I turned to look at you, and you smile and wink at me. Your breathing grows heavier and I know you are relishing my musky scent. Suddenly I feel your hand on the small of my back arching it further. In the next instant your nose, lips and tongue are nuzzling into the wet gusset of my knickers, inhaling deeply. I let out a long gentle moan, feeling your face make contact with she. Before burying your mouth into my pussy, savoring her flavor. A shudder runs through me, and a fresh wave of moisture drips, my hips pushed back into your face as involuntary muscle contractions wracked my lower half, signaling desire's edge. Warm exhalations from your nostrils blow over my sensitive anus sending chills up my back, while your lips began to suck out the warm juices absorbed in the crotch of my panties. My hips start gyrating against your tongue gently searching... craving more. "Oh fuck," slips from my lips. I am wildly turned on by your intimate enjoyment, of being smothered by my bum while tasting my juicy sex. We were both reaching a point of critical lust...You remove my knickers with passion.
Your hands return to my bottom and began kneading my cheeks before spreading them again. I feel the heat from your skin and warmth of your breath as you draw to within a few millimeters of me. I tense up in anticipation. You hold me in agonizing suspense as you pry me open and take a minute to just breathe me in. Wrapping both arms around my thighs, you pull me tightly to you making sure there is no escape. Still only kissing and smelling, your head begins to slowly rotate and I feel my glistening labia lips slide over every feature of your face, leaving a silky sheen of pussy juice in their wake. No one has ever taken such pleasure in eating me like this.You lap at my pussy hungrily, with your nose pressed tightly against my anus. I find myself rutting against you... Your tongue is wonderfully dexterous, sliding deeply inside she, before searching out my clitoris and swirling over it. You greedy for my sex as you slurp up my juices, drinking hungrily from me. Back and forth, tasting me, drinking me, smelling me, driving me crazy. I desperately want to cum all over your face. I begin to grind against your face, almost there, racing me towards my climax, "Oh fuck yeah." Slips from my mouth, as shudders of pure delight, begins in my center, then moves down to my toes before surging back up, wracking my whole body. I feel a gush of fresh pussy juice leak from my molten center and your mouth is right there, sucking and licking up every drop. Next you pull my cheeks apart as far as they will go, lewdly spreading me for your gaze. For a minute you just hold me open, studying me. My muscles clenched involuntarily from nervousness at being so wantonly displayed. I feel the ring of my anus tighten, the faint squish of my wet lips sliding together. Holding me like this, spread open wide, just as my orgasm is subsiding, is so naughty. You withdrew your tongue from my gushing pussy and moved it up an inch. Centering it on my crinkly little folds, you pause ever so briefly then you push the tip inside, as you rim and tongue-fuck my ass. It feels so, so naughty, which only draws out my orgasm further. With one swipe of your tongue you turn my chaste and innocent anus into a very horny erogenous zone. You tease me mercilessly like that for what seems like an eternity, working me to a fever pitch of desperate need. Just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, your tongue slides deeply into my pussy to provide some relief. I beg and plead, desperate for release. You take mercy on me and bring one hand up between my legs to my dripping she, my oh so wet pussy. Deftly you insert two fingers through my folds and begin massaging my g-spot while your thumb plays with my clit. Your lips remain in an air-tight seal around my anus while your tongue swirls deeper inside my funky hole, I see stars...
I grow too sensitive and can't take it any longer, you withdraw your fingers and peel your face from between my now sticky cheeks, pulling me back to sit on your lap. Holding me snugly as I gasped for breath. I feel your lips against my neck, then bringing your coated heady pheromone cocktail fingers up to my face pushing them coated with my pussy juices into my mouth.
I'm sure you wanted to taste it more than me but I am being tested to see if you had successfully put me into feral sex overdrive. There was not a split second of hesitation, I suck at your fingers, lick them clean. You groan, watching me devour my pussy cream and in the next split second your lips attack me. Replacing your slimy digits, with your tongue into my mouth. The heady cocktail stokes my fire even further as I kiss you passionately, hungry for more... much more.

Turning to face you I kneel before you, eager to demonstrate just how grateful I am for what you have just made me feel. I swirl my tongue around the pulsing knob of your swollen shaft between bobs. With each slow descent, I can smell the intoxicating musk of your manliness. I inhale you deeply. Savoring the feeling of your velvety skin on my tongue. The more of you, I breath in the more I feel my self-control fading, until I am devouring you with naked abandon. lovingly sucking each testicle into my mouth and gently rolling them around with my tongue, bathing each one in my lustful affection, then licking my way back up your shaft to devour your leaky tip. "mmmm," slips from my mouth. The vibration buzzing along the length of your cock.
I'm getting to you, just as much as you are getting to me, as I feel your fingers weave through my hair and tighten their grip. I brace myself, relaxing my throat in anticipation of you fucking my mouth, mmm my pretty mouth. This, I am more than happy to accept. Your cock looks so shiny, delicious, standing at full attention. I cannot resist sucking it down, tasting your juices off of it. You groan as I take you in deep, swirling my tongue as you gently begin to inch him in and out of my mouth. The slippery saliva that only comes when you push deep into my mouth builds and coats you. mmmm sucking you is so hot, i'm dripping pussy juice, she pulses and throbs at my movements....Your breathing becomes ragged, i know your close, maybe i should do to you what you just did to me....
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Thankyou babe means alot :) the naughtiest one yet.... Few word tense mistakes text edit lol but not bad
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22 August 2015
OH MY GOOD GOD..... and now i've got to go to the social with this running in my mind, @AstralLove you MUST write more, just pm them to us, forget the rest we need more xxxxx