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Sharing fantasy secrets

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by 2shameless, 20 October 2015.

  1. I am not very good at writing things down.I had this conversation recently and decided to share it and see what reaction I get ( Mr 2 )




    A conversation with Mrs 2 shameless new friend!

    2shameless: lots of scenarios turn me on some id do and some are just fantasy

    SWSally: Can you share with me the most extreme one?

    2shameless: ok one fantasy I have thought about is that we are at a party with a good mixture of people. The host was a good looking black man with a rugby player’s physique.

    Within a few minutes of arriving Mrs 2 engages in a conversation with the host of the party whilst I go to get her a drink from the kitchen. Which is where a makeshift bar had been set up, with two very attractive, scantily clad, young women serving the drinks.

    2shameless: As I make my way back with the drinks the host makes an announcement that everyone should go outside to the pool as it’s such a warm evening.

    SWSally: go on

    2shameless: Well we all go outside and collect together on the patio by the swimming pool. The host stands on a chair and announces to the crowd of party goers who by now in the main were quite drunk and rowdy. That we should all strip naked! And then continued by saying that it would be fun if we all stripped one at a time it would be great for the exhibitionists and voyeurs amongst you

    SWSally: sounds horny

    2shameless: Mrs 2 looks at me then our host and says “as u are the host, you should strip first and I would love to help you out of your clothes”

    SWSally: slowly

    2shameless: yes and as she does It, she caresses and kisses his brown shining torso her hands exploring every little crevice and bump of his muscular body

    SWSally: smelling him

    2shameless: yes she was looking at me from time to time

    2shameless: When she gets to his underwear, she smiles at me

    SWSally: what underwear he got on?

    2shameless: tight pants bulging as if there was something very big in there trying to escape

    SWSally: huge bulge

    2shameless: she licks the bulge greedily before pulling them down to reveal a perfect specimen of man meat looking up at her

    SWSally: how big?

    2shameless: 8.5” approximately and very thick like one of my arms

    SWSally: cut/un?

    2shameless: uncut

    2shameless: totally smooth

    SWSally: huge foreskin

    SWSally: big hanging balls

    2shameless: He had everything I have not.

    He instructs the rest of the revellers. Turn to the person to the right of you and strip them off.

    Which seemed to be just what they wanted, as they were all cheering and whooping

    SWSally: u got?

    2shameless: I’ve got sally to strip andthe host has got me to strip

    SWSally: his name, give me his name and what else?

    2shameless: well host takes my top off and watches me do the same to sally

    2shameless: the host is mark

    SWSally: sally’s tits how big are they?

    2shameless: I’d say 36 double e’s

    2shameless: mark comments on Sally’s big tits he says that they are monstrous mammeries just right for a great tit wank

    SWSally: What does she do?

    2shameless: She squeezes them together and looking down see’s marks cock growing which encouraged her to start tonguing her nipples

    2shameless: by now everyone is naked apart from me

    SWSally: lots of hard cocks

    2shameless: I still have shorts and pants on. As I look round I can see all the men are very fit tanned, and muscular with big thick cock’s at different stages of erectness

    SWSally: .: All 8+ I hope ?

    2shameless: Yes Mark was one of the smallest All of the women had horny bodies too

    Mark has now turned his attention to Sally whilst Mrs 2 has dropped to her knees and was greedily lapping at marks cock. Mary pulled and squeezed his bollocks

    SWSally: go on

    2shameless: Somebody shouts out “how come he still got his shorts on” pointing towards me

    SWSally: and?

    2shameless: Mark looks up from kissing Sally and having his cock deep in Mrs 2’s throat making her gag and says “whoops sorry my attention was taken by these two lovely ladies”

    SWSally: Was his monster cock fully erect?

    2shameless: Yes it was looking threating up at me. So by now all of the guests are looking towards us. Mark tells me to stand on table so all can see

    SWSally: I bet you look embarrassed

    2shameless: he drops my shorts to reveal I’m wearing some tight see through pants that Mrs 2 had told me to wear

    SWSally: Really?

    2shameless: I feel my face go bright red as everyone starts to giggle at my cock

    SWSally: school boy sized cock?

    2shameless: yes and Mary suggests that Mark should place his cock next to mine for people to compare which made them all laugh loudly

    Both Mary and Mrs 2 were lapping at Mark’s shiny helmet that was oozing with pre cum as people walked up for a closer look. Mary was being groped by quite a few of the guests by now

    SWSally: Do u have your pants on still?

    2shameless: Mark asks the guests weather he should drop my pants or not? As there must be some of my cock hidden surely that’s not all he has got?

    SWSally Doeshe rips the pants off you?

    2shameless: He rips them off hard making me yelp, they both are laughing Mrs 2 had started to finger Mary telling her that her little finger is like my cock

    SWSally: Really is that true?

    2shameless: Mary shouted out it’s about time we both sampled some real cock

    SWSally: .: some serious cock ?

    . 2shameless:I sense somebody behind me, my arms are grabbed roughly and before I could do anything I heard and felt the handcuffs close shut

    SWSally: .Ooh sounds like you have some fun

    2shameless: Mrs 2 says to me “be careful what you wish for darling”

    SWSally: .What did you wish for?

    2shameless: An orgy ensues now naked bodies were intermingled there were all kind of sexual sounds to be heard.

    SWSally: . Where is Mary and Mrs 2?

    2shameless: I can see Mary and Mrs 2 being passed around and being fucked hard and long they were screaming out for more

    My Mrs shouted out at top of her voice that she had never felt so many big cocks and she wanted much more as you can see by my husband over there I have been on rations !

    Mary is now spread across Mrs 2’s face and moans with pleasure as my Mrs laps up her spunk filled pussy.

    SWSally Right I have to go now will you tell me what else happened next time I see you?

    2shameless: Yes to be continued xx
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  2. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Brilliant x
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  3. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Now that IS hot! :doggy::bukkake:
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