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Singletons with couples, what to expect the first time !!

Discussion in 'Public Forums' started by The-A-Team, 22 August 2015.

  1. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    The world of swinging, You've heard the reputations, you've heard the rumours, and its very tempting, all that hot steamy sex on demand, multiple orgasms, the feelings of excitement, the slight fears, the adrenalin surging through you, BUT your single and not a couple, Will they let you in their world, as a single person, Will they give you a taste of what you have heard about ??
    Will you cope !!!!, and more to the point how do I get in to the scene if its even possible ??

    A number of couples often enjoy a third person be it a male for the ladies enjoyment, or a female for the males enjoyment, and often the females too !!

    The first step unless you actually know some swingers that are happy to let you in to their circles, is

    Join a swinging site, this is possibly the safest and most secure way of meeting other swingers,
    2) Go to a swingers club or a social meet, and try your luck in a live environment,

    Both have their own success rates, but the swing site you can peruse the members, talk to them build up a rapport and when all involved are happy, a meet can be arranged. The Swing club is the same format but face to face, Real people, expecting real things, and things can develop very very quickly, if your a confident person, this may be the quickest route, and the social meet is a gathering of swingers, usually This is a meeting place only to put faces to names, and are normally by invite only.

    Whichever route you choose, communication at all times pays big dividends,

    On the swing site, this can be done leisurely, pictures viewed, on both sides, messages sent to each other, and lots of hurdles discussed, likes and desires can be ironed out before the meet takes place thus giving you all an affinity/friendship with each other that makes things a lot easier later on, this is also an easier place to explain your new to all this and are they comfortable meeting with someone new to the scene ??.

    In the club environment, you are talking face to face, attraction is instant and often very passionate, and not always guaranteed, the couples there are looking for a confident character and a presumption that you are not a novice, and know all the etiquettes and rules, if you appear unsure, you may be passed over for a more confident person. However, if you ask any of the staff in the club they will go through the house rules with you, and give you a tour of the club showing you where everything is and what to expect.
    Fun and intimacy often takes place within the club, however, things can still go on to a hotel or a home environment if all seems to go well to continue the evening !!.

    A meet from the swing site after deciding on your couple and them agreeing, normally would follow the scenario that you would meet up for a drink somewhere, and chat initially to confirm an attraction if you have not already told the couple you are new to this, Now is the time to say it, you will probably find that as you are all there, the situation will still go ahead, but now the couple can and should give you some guidance, but will expect you to be a confident lover still, once this small hurdle is out of the way, you can now relax and build on it as more intimate flirting can take place now face to face, sometimes this will progress to a hotel, or maybe back to a house for things to develop better,

    I wont dream of insulting you or your sexual prowess at explaining what happens next, however, I would say that as a single person be you male or female, the couple will expect you to have a good level of sexual skills, and to blend in with them and help make the experience enjoyable for you all, you as a female may be intimately touched by the other female as well as the male of the couple, if this is something you don't like, tell them, the word No is normally adhered to within swinging and its not a word that does not mean well maybe or later on, its a full stop to a situation, however if these new sensations are something that you do like or enjoy, go with the flow, you will or may encounter many new sensations within swinging that you must decide upon their suitability for you. you may even want to reciprocate your new feelings to the giver, this is all normal and sometimes expected, especially when you are past your newness stages.

    At the end of your encounter, its normally a fond parting with your new close friends and if all things have gone well, the promise of a future meet and even referrals if your sexual skills were well liked, however for you that first major hurdle is over, you've been initiated into a new sexy world that is now your oyster, enjoy the flavours and eat well !!!

    Our regards and happy swinging The A Team !! xx
    Last edited: 23 August 2015
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    • The couple will expect you to have a good level of sexual skills! That bit made me think there will be a practical exam. Hopefully the couple will also have a good level of sexual skills?
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      • The-A-Team

        The-A-Team PV Sprtr

        Lol xx
        Last edited: 2 September 2015
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        • Pearls

          Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

          Very well written and good advice there :love:xx
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          • Some really good advice there A team (y)
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            • ShhhAgonyAunt

              ShhhAgonyAunt ShhhAgonyAunt Staff

              Well written, and some good valid points, @The-A-Team Well done !!
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              • EvilS

                EvilS PV

                Great post @The-A-Team
                As a single male I know the struggle.....
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                  • Very interesting -if not a little daunting for a piece of fresh meat like me!
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                    • Very informative advice, thanks xxx
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                      • Mootje

                        Mootje SS Bad Boy! PV

                        Oh was just about to raise a question in a thread, is there any signs hints for a newbie.. guess u covered most of it here.. Thanks @The-A-Team
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                        • nice post. whilst still a newbie, I can certainly relate based on my first club visit.
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                          • SteLinda

                            SteLinda PV Sprtr

                            I went the first time then open mind and no expectations. I assumed no would want to know me and that I get nowhere fast. Instead within a short time I started chatting to a nice couple who made me feel very welcome especially his sexy wife, and later after a nice kiss and cuddle we took it in turns to have sex with her and she gave me a treat of a bj which is something I'd never had before. I remember been thrilled when every time he thrust into her Doggystyle her head bobbed on my cock...
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                            • Lips_Pearls

                              Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

                              Couldn't agree more (y)
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                              • NEDave

                                NEDave PV

                                Got to love The-A-team xx
                              • Antogs

                                Antogs PV Sprtr

                                I was really lucky with my introduction as the single guy being invited into a threesome with an established couple.
                                I was a good mate of the girl who was engaged to the guy. She introduced me to her fiance with nothing more than us getting to know each other. He knew she was a friend of mine and that we had no past sexual connection.
                                After meeting 2 or 3 times and all getting on well they came round to my place and we started to party. It became obvious to me that the girl was behaving very provocatively towards me but naturally I just assumed it would just end at flirting.
                                After a while, they disappeared into a bedroom and not long after the boyfriend came out and said "Anthony, get yourself in there, she's desperate for you" Well, I was a bit nervous and asked him how he felt about it. He said he thought it'd be great and that he'd film us (and what a film it turned out to be)
                                Anyhow, everything went fantastically well. She loved the attention and he was thrilled to see her being pleasured by another man. Everyone was happy.
                                They live in Scotland but we managed several more sessions together and remain good friends to this day.
                                I think the beauty of the way it happened was firstly, we all got on well anyway and secondly, it wasn't planned (at least not on my part although I suspect they must have discussed the possibility.
                                As far as I'm concerned the secret to a good three-way relationship is for the single guy is to always respect the relationship of the couple and never be tempted to do anything that either one of them would find deceitful or hurtful.
                                This obviously applies particularly to the single guy not trying to set up a one on one with the female.

                                It's a trust and respect thing.
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                                • Lulu

                                  Lulu PV Sprtr

                                  Thanks for the advice there (y)
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