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Sleeping With Friends



This is a true story; we've changed the names of our friends but everything else has happened quite a few times. A first try at erotic writing!

A noise woke me up. The bedside clock read 03:09. A bed was banging and a woman was moaning; my wife Rose was fucking in the main bedroom with our friend Bob. I was in another bedroom cuddling Bob’s sleeping wife, Jan, both of us nude. After an evening foursome on the main bed we were sleeping swapped, as we always do with this couple and sometimes with other friends who stay over.

The noise made me instantly hard. It particularly reminded me of my time in London, in a flat with couple of other guys. One had a steady girlfriend who was there most nights. A thin wall separated my bed from his and I would lay there masturbating while they fucked over and over again. She was VERY noisy! I’d make noises too with girls, but these two were at it constantly. But I didn’t need to masturbate tonight!

Jan was stirring and she opened her legs in response to my hand. I kissed her awake while fingering her cunt, beautifully slick with mixed cum - mine and Bob’s - after the previous evening’s play. Jan and Bob are some of our earliest swinging friends. We got on so well together that after a couple of meets we all decided to forget the condoms. That was over 10 years ago and we’ve been barebacking together happily ever since.

The bed-banging got faster, Rose’s moans turned into cries of pleasure then orgasmic shrieks. A few minutes later Bob gave a cum-groan, the bed-banging stopped and everything went quiet. I can always tell where Rose is at clubs or parties by her noises, she really lets herself go during sex. That’s one of the things I love about my special woman.

Jan was fully awake now so I pushed her on to her front, eased her legs open slightly, then mounted her from behind. I fucked her slowly, kissing the back of her neck while we exchanged a few sexy words as she pushed back at my thrusts. Jan likes my Prince Albert ring and women feel it best in this position. I went up on extended arms and sped up. She began to make lovely female sex noises and our bed squeaked. Bob shouted “fuck her!” loudly from the other room, Jan called back “he doesn’t need your advice!” and everyone laughed.

Sex in separate rooms adds a different dimension to swinging. Four (or more) on a bed is fabulous fun, but one-on-one in a separate bed makes it all more intimate and ‘naughty’ rather like having an affair. But when we do this we always leave the doors open so others can hear or look. Rose and I are exhibitionists and love others watching. The other two didn’t join us or watch this time.

Jan wanted to be on her back, so I pulled out while she rolled over and spread. We went at it hard until Jan squirted. After that I needed doggy, so we moved again. In that position, Jan’s sex-smell grew stronger and stronger. That, plus running my hands over her lovely arse started me cumming, so I grabbed her hips tightly for a deep cum-thrust as Jan called “yes!” I held her until my cock finally went soft and slipped out, followed by just a trickle of spunk after my three good cums the previous evening. She rolled on to her back, put a finger in her cunt, licked it, then did it again and held the finger up for me; what delicious mixed flavours. Cleaning up creampies is often part of our play - Rose particularly loves licking Jan out - but now we kissed, moved into spoons position and slid back into sleep.

It’s great to sleep with a different partner now and again, something Rose and I both did when married to our exes. When away from home on our own, on business trips, training courses etc, we’d both look for casual sex. Her ex-husband didn’t mind, but my ex-wife would have killed me if she knew I had one-night stands or discovered my condom stash. We went on holiday with Bob, Jan and another couple of sexy friends two years ago and changed bed partners each night. I’m usually a ‘lights on’ man but fucking in the dark with another woman is very erotic.

Next morning a nude Rose woke us both up and said “tea in the big bed!” We joined the other two and had a morning drink before starting a before-breakfast group session. The summer sun was well up so we stayed nude for breakfast in the garden afterwards; we’re not overlooked. The four of us are naturists as well as swingers and enjoy being naked when we can. Naturists always sit on a small towel for hygiene; after breakfast Rose’s and Jan’s towels were very cummy. Bob and I had certainly been doing our manly duty with these two!

Jan and Bob were staying another night so we dressed and went out for a good long walk and a pub lunch. When we got back we undressed and sat in the sun again before going back to the kingsize bed for another foursome. At bedtime we slept swapped again. But this time Jan and I were the first to have a nighttime fuck, and we woke up the other two. We love it when swinger friends sleep over!


We're never short of a picture... :) This wasn't the 'two in a bed' situation described in the story, but here's another occasion with four settling down to sleep in the king-size bed, both swapped couples and one of them including Rose. Bit crowded but it worked.
I slept in the other double bed and not alone!
My attempt at erotic fun.......

It's Saturday morning and you know that I'm stuck at work on my own. So you decide to surprise me. You dress up in your favourite sexy lingerie, stockings, high heels and cover it on in your coat. You text me some pictures of your different states of dress while putting on your underwear including some of your erect nipples, your stocking tops and your hand in your panties as you know it will get me in the mood.

You drive the short distance to my office. The glimpse of your thighs poking out of the split in your coat making you wet. As you stand at the door of my office you send one last picture of your pussy to make sure I'm turned on.

As you wonder through the deserted office looking for the lone worker you can feel your heart beat rise and your breath shorten. The anticpation of what's in store turning you on. You see me in the corner and wonder up in your high heels. You can see I'm pleased to see you. As you approach my desk you begin to unbutton your coat to reveal the sexy lingerie. I expect you to stop and do a twirl but instead you stride towards me with real purpose, spin me away from my desk and plant a huge passionate kiss on my lips. You reach down to feel my hard cock through my shorts. I pull your bra down hurriedly and feel your erect nipples and massage your breasts. You step back pull down my shorts to reveal a rock hard erect penis, pull your panties to one side and lower yourself on to my shaft. You take in the whole cock slowly then pull yourself up until it almost pops out. Then down again. The feel of my cock inside your hot pussy almost takes your breath away. Then you ride me gaining speed and intensity, kissing me hard with your tongue exploring all corners of my mouth. You fuck me harder and harder and as you feel my body tense you know that the climax is not far away which increases your feeling. We writhe in a sweaty, hot passionate clinch on my chair until I fully tense almost bolt straight which immediately brings you to orgasm. Your orgasmic feelings pump through your veins as you pull off my cock and then wank me furiously until I cum all over your tits each stroke producing more spunk from my hard cock. You take a couple of seconds to catch your breath, button up your coat say 'enjoy your work' and stride back out.