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Straight But Happy To Engage

Discussion in 'All About Swinging' started by Lips_Pearls, 15 May 2019.

  1. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Okay so this is one to ponder on.
    There’s all sorts of sexual persuasions and I think it’s fair to say: now more than ever!
    There’s also a lot of straight men and women too.
    But, as a straight person - can you still enjoy fine form of a member of the same sex? Either when during a play session (3sum 4sum moresum) or from a photo perhaps?
    In essence I mean - can you yourself (if straight) still look at a person of the same sex and think they’re alright or have great features/form etc.

    The way I see it from outside of the box: we’re all randy bastards. But if straighter than Mrs May, can you still get immensely turned on by sexual acts or appearances of the same sex. How can you not be in one sense, when it’s our carnal drive anyway - to fornicate. ;) x
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  2. Vanezza

    Vanezza PV Sprtr

    Good question. Not one I have to ponder upon as I have always liked both men and women but still a good point considering that most "straight" porn features a well endowed man who is there representing the viewer and the "straight" viewer is invited to imagine they feel the same thing this person does isn't that, in essence, admiring the male form sexually?

    ;):p N xxx
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  3. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Bingo. You got it! Exactly that... (y) x
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  4. Colin

    Colin PV Sprtr

    Dont know if its classed as homophobic but i cant stand to see 2 men kissing. I have nothing against gay men and wish them no harm infact i have a nephew who is gay and him and his husband often meet up with me to watch the bands in my local pub and i havent a problem with that but for looking at a male form and thinking he's fit etc never done it as it has no interest for me at all
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  5. Being a bit of an artistic (wanna come up an see my sketchings :sneaky:) creative kind of person, I'd class myself as an aestheticist (try saying that after a few shandies!) And appreciate beauty, for want of a better word, in anything; whether it be a building, car, painting or the human body regardless of gender - it has absolutely no relation to my sexual orientation (totally straight)

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  6. fincon

    fincon PV Sprtr

    They’re two very different questions.

    can you yourself (if straight) still look at a person of the same sex and think they’re alright or have great features/form Can I acknowledge someone is good looking, that in general, I can understand why people fancy them? Sure. Do it all the time.

    can you still get immensely turned on by sexual acts or appearances of the same sex. No. I can enjoy watching sex between a couple, or group play, but it’s always the act I’m enjoying and if there’s any individual involved who turns me on, it’s the woman. If it were otherwise, then I’d find gay sex between two men at least mildly arousing. I don’t. At all.
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  7. superking1981

    superking1981 PV Sprtr

    I am straight but I love watching two women going after each other...I would love to be a voyueur in the same room. Does that count?
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  8. Leonidas480

    Leonidas480 PV Sprtr

    What @fincon said.
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  9. Lace

    Lace PV Sprtr

    On the reverse of that, I can still look at a man and think he looks sexy. I think we can all look and see something that catches our eye.
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  10. Brumcouple2013

    Brumcouple2013 PV Sprtr

    When I started out with Mrs Brum on this adventure I was straight, but comfortable in all surrounding with either bi or gay men. Yes I would at times comment about the look of another male or a males cock. But I couldn’t watch two males having sex together
    Now I am bi oral and still comment, and I am mire comfortable watching two males play. But kissing still doesn’t sit right with me, god knows why
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  11. GeoffRy

    GeoffRy PV Sprtr

    Ry being more lesbian than straight has no worries.
    I as a straight guy can most certainly appreciate well dressed/or undressed dapper male form. Dont think I could end up playing with another guy but as previously stated touches etc during a 3sum or more sum could be quite stimulating. X G
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  12. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Some really very interesting replies here peeps x
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