Sunday Spit Roast Swinging Party 4th Oct

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VIP Member
5 April 2015
TownhouseTwosome created a new event:

Sunday Spit Roast Swinging Party 4th Oct

This is a new event which we hope will gain popularity amongst those who can’t make our main events or those who need a ‘fix’ before the new working week!! lol It starts at 4pm – 10pm so it’s good for people who are travelling a distance.

It is a swinging event for you to do whatever you please!! All are welcome, including non members and you can do as little or as much as you want :lol:

It’s cheap too!! Just £10 per couple/TGirl/Single guy, £5 per single female and £20 per non member...

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15 September 2014
Omg Vic! I'm moving up North.. you guys seem to have all the fun.. :(
:p x