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Do you desire plenty of male admirers?

Do you want to watch your wife be Desired by plenty?

Up to 30 single guys spaces available (pre – booked) £25 per single male.
Unlimited couples and single ladies welcome.

For those that just Love to be Desired by plenty ! Find out more here.

Click or post to say you're coming, and we'll pop you on the guest list so its nice and easy for when you turn up!!

Single males need to call 01793 433 326 to pre-book.


Thank you for your response @Sloughslut we did manage to cast our eyes over your blog too, left for some very interesting reading!
for an event you plugged yourself, it was a bit of a shame with the turn out for single males!! but as you've rightly said yourself, a lot just like the fantasy... we book 30 single guys to our last desire event, but not all of them turned up... it was a bit of a pain.

We were surprised too at the amount of couples that turned up! but being our first event, we weren't too sure what to expect.. we've always said, Swindon Swingers is what you make it... and they made it a very enjoyable event!! that said, there are people such as yourselves, who prefer a less concentrated mix of couples, and lean towards the more 'greedy girls event' and there are plenty events all over the uk that offer such events... we're just getting started, and things will take time to build up the reputation we would like, but we'll get there..

its people's continued support that will help us grow, of course our venue isn't going to be for everyone, and we'll never please everyone... but we can only try :) and if that doesn't work.... well we'll just try harder!!

It is a shame that even with the following you have on your blog, more single guys didn't turn up, and yes we turn away single men on the door that haven't pre booked, simply because we tow a hard line, as I'm sure a lot of other clubs do too!

Again we want to thank everyone for their continued support!! fingers crossed this months DESIRE will pull an even better crowd!!

Any problems, or extra information needed don't hesitate to give us a message on here :)

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22 March 2015
Well guys as with every new business it is all about learning curves and so far you have done amazing from what I can see, Ive been in business for almost 20yrs and trust me I started with a visa card of £200 and made mistake after mistake and learnt from them, which to me is the best bits as you only get better by learning and receiving feedback good or bad, this is what makes us stronger as business people, keep doing what you are doing and take all comments on board as that is how to change things for the better.
Lace xxx


15 September 2014
Hi everyone, I do believe the next Swindon Swingers Desire event, is tomorrow night.. :) x
I'm sure it will be an event not to be missed... ;)
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