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Taste you (one for the fellas)

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by AstralLove, 17 July 2015.

  1. Your sat next to me, close. The intimate warmth of your body already has an arousing effect on me. We kiss, a long deep kiss, the depth of which encircles us with passion.
    I trace a path down across your stomach. You inhale and hold your breath as my hand outlines the shape of your gorgeous cock, through the denim material of your jeans. I cup my hand around your balls. Gently stroking and tugging at you through your jeans...Your cock is hardening at my touch, inviting me, demanding my attention.
    I slink onto the floor just in front of you, part your legs, nuzzling my face all over your groin. Then kneeling up for more lingering kisses, your lips as hot as you. My breasts fleeting touching your torso.
    "mmmm,want to taste more of you" I murmur. "Want you to fuck my pretty mouth."
    Kneeling back down I start massaging your groin gently with my hand as I nuzzle into you,
    Nibbling and stroking you through your jeans.
    You unbuckle your belt and unbutton your jeans, my hand meets yours and slowly unzips your zip over your hardness, your gorgeous cock, pushing to be released. shimmying your jeans and pants down, mmm stiff cock springs out, I move my head forward. Playfully you make a series of jerky fuck-movements, giggling i move closer, you tease me, tracing him across my face, cheeks, my lips. Gently tapping him at the entrance of my mouth. " Open wide baby." I open wide and await you, You slide it in, just the head at first, I lap at it, coat it in saliva. All slippy and shiny... Flickering and fluttering my tongue over it. You Poke my mouth with you, i move closer to take more of you in. You tease me some more, enjoying the anticipation.
    Tasting your hardness is wonderful, my body surges with lust, my pussy She is real wet. My eyes are ablaze with need. You look deeply into my gaze, hold my head firmly in place so I can't move, you part my lips and thrust firmly into my mouth. My slippery tongue zig zagging along your length as you push deep into my throat. Moulding my molten mouth around you, I start sucking and slurping at you, as you gently but firmly fuck my pretty mouth....
    You moan happily at the sight of me, your very own porn star, arousing your sensual side.
    "mmm," I purr, the only other sound is the slurpy squelch of suction of my mouth. As we play a sexual dance of push and pull, I begin sucking more determinedly, feeling this reaction shocking up through your body as your orgasm builds. Your movements become more abandoned, intense. Thats it baby push deeper into my mouth, to my throat, make me choke and gurgle, tears clouding my eyes as i taste your desire to cum. You don't leave me waiting long. With a final thrust you release your hot, sticky cum into the back of my mouth. I suck you dry, as yours is a taste to savor, makes my tongue tingle and my desire for you ferrel. xxxx
  2. Geez Astral, are you going to publish all our meets? You said you wouldn't tell anyone! :cautious::p:p :oral-to-completion:
  3. Hahaha very funny Wolf :)
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  4. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Yes very good story xx
    AstralLove and Admin like this.
  5. That really would be a sensual interesting read Mr Wolf.....x
    AstralLove likes this.
  6. Lips_Pearls

    Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

    Agreed! We've read it previously, but not commented.. but yes indeed a saucy story!

    Ooooh xx :blowjob:
    AstralLove likes this.
  7. Got to love a naughty girl xxx
    AstralLove and Pearls like this.
  8. im defo very naughty, feisty and non compliant xxxx
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  9. And we like you for it babe xx
    AstralLove and Pearls like this.
  10. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport

    Naughty is good and whats not to like hehe xxx
    sweetNsaucy and AstralLove like this.
  11. The only thing not to like is we haven't met in the flesh.....yet xxx
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  12. Admin

    Admin Admin

    So, Miss Astral.... @AstralLove This is titled; Taste You (one for the fellas)
    So I ask you... where is the (one for the ladies) :D As I for one, wait with bated breath ;) (y) :D :bouncy:
    sweetNsaucy and Pearls like this.
  13. Phew...... :cool_off:
    AstralLove, Admin and Pearls like this.
  14. I'm in work and I shouldn't be reading things like this. But it's hot!
    Admin likes this.
  15. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Too right it is! :p
    Just need the elusive Miss @AstralLove to write some more now... :whistle: :love::love: xx
  16. I second this motion.
    Pearls and Admin like this.
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