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Technology In The Home.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by XX, 6 September 2016.

  1. XX


    I was just thinking about how much technology has not only taken over the workplace but also the home so started thinking about how much tech we have and if it's over the top.

    There's two of us that live here and we currently use :-

    3 TV's
    2 Sky HD Boxes
    A BT TV box
    1.1m motorised satellite dish system
    3 Laptops
    2 Smartphones
    eBook reader
    Amazon Fire Stick
    Nvidia Shield TV
    Media PC (Brix)
    Server (HP Proliant ML110) running VMware for 3 VM's with 9.5tb storage.
    ComputeStick PC

    that's not counting the games consoles, Raspberry pi's and other stuff we have lying around that we don't currently use.

    Admittedly I'm a bit of a tech geek and spend a lot of time stuck at home but is that excessive or does everyone have way too much tech these days?

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  2. Oh blimey technonutsss..
    Id have to ask mr F. We have remotes for remotes...
    Its a bit ridiculous when i think about it..
    Takes me ten.mins to figure out how to put the tv.. box, sound bar on in the morning!!
    Loose a remote and i have to sit in silence all day!! Is the light..
    Blue.. is it purple.. NO its bliddy orange and flashing!!!.... uhu... :/
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  3. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    It is truly shocking when you add up the number of "computers" you now have in your home personally I have A laptop, A very old desktop (for some reason I can never bring myself to take it to the tip), A smart phone, Two tablets (one crappy and due to be binned once I pull some photos off it, and I suppose if you are counting consoles I have PS3 and PS4 ready to go, that's just things I own (I end up shoring families members stuff for some reason) and consider a form of computer.
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  4. My son has most of the technology. I'm happy with my smartphone, Nook, iPad touch and laptop.
    Son has virgin tivo tv, 2 tellies, pc for gaming, 2 Xbox 360 and one, PS3, iPad, amazon firestick, smartphone.
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  5. The-A-Team

    The-A-Team PV Sprtr

    We've got just enough to be happy with, and not be OTT (and trust us, it's still too much) x
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  6. We have 5 smart phones, 3 laptops, 3 tablets, eBook reader, 1 tele. 2 lots of Broadband. At least 3 desk PC,s. Chromecast. Hell knows why we have all this stuff as only us 2 live here.
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  7. XX


    I've only got one remote :)


    Also forgot about all the audio equipment so even more tech lol.
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  8. We have way to much tech stuff wish things were simpler. My kids are better with it than i am lol xx
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  9. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Impressive... ;)
    I am staying shtum. I will openly admit, I suffer gear lust.
    It's cool though, I think I have it under control :eek: :whistle:
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  10. XX


    Nah, don't be a spoil sport, spill the beans ;)
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  11. He doesnt.. he hasnt a clue what the bloodyhell hes doing.. :D xxx
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  12. is your house curry's /pc world in disguise. Lol. Steve
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  13. I have electric lighting
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  14. XX


    I wondered why everything got turned off at 8pm :whistle:
  15. We live in Herefordshire , BUT when we do finally get electricity we are ready for it
    4 TVs
    Now Tv box (ditched sky last month)
    Nintendo Ds
    3 IPads
    4 Mobile phones ( one is for her ladyships work)
    4 Laptops
    1 Desktop (used solely as recording studio so midi controllers, studio monitors and audio interface as well)
    HD DvD cam
    2 iPods plus docking station
    Bluetooth guitar amp/music system
    And finally running water (around here it's counted as technology)
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  16. Admin

    Admin Administrator Admin

    Epic :D
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  17. Far too much, but the HiFi system still takes centre stage in room!
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