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The Blackmans Fanclub

Event: The Blackmans Fanclub
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by Arousal, 28 December 2016.

The atmosphere at all Blackman’s Fan club Parties is relaxed, chilled and FUN – BMFC Parties are full of sexy like-minded people.

We have a FANTASTIC DJ who plays the best tunes, R&B, Old Skool, Smooth Tunes, and Reggae etc.

Door contribution costs
Single females - £5 before midnight £10 after
Couple - £25 before midnight £35 after
Single guy - £35 before midnight £45 after

AROUSAL’S is a fantastic well designed club that not only has loads of communal areas for all the exhibitionist’s, but there is also 6 lockable play rooms for those guests who prefer a bit of privacy!!

The club boasts a great dance floor, pole, dance cages & comfortable seating area. Then there is an abundance of communal areas, a cinema, plus loads of nooks and crannies for some "secret play"

AROUSAL’S has a sexy club atmosphere, its play areas are dark and inviting yet the social area is welcoming.

Where all your fantasies can be explored in this safe sexy environment.. Emphasis will be on sexy fun nights and experience all that is desired.. We are a smoke free venue, smoking gazebo outside
  1. Arousal

    Arousal VIP Member PV

    Arousal created a new event:

    The Blackmans Fanclub

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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    Added to our NYE mailing list @Arousal x
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  3. bbwsoiree

    bbwsoiree VIP Member PV

    I'm going,looking forward to it, i'm booked through the bmfc,if anyone sees me say hi
    Sheri (red hair)
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