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The Creature In The Bothy - a strange erotic fantasy

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by kopinov, 8 October 2015.

  1. kopinov

    kopinov PV

    Two friends, a man and a woman, are stranded for the night in a bothy by an unexpected snow storm...

    It really was a most peculiar night - bitterly cold, yet stiflingly close enough for thunder and lightning somehow. As they peered over her old travelling/party duvet at the bothy window, they could make out the clouds of their breaths in the semi-darkness and glistening sporadically in the sharp light of the increasingly regular lightning flashes which were lent further intensity by the blanket of snow outside. There was no wood left in the bothy's store, despite the well established "bothy code", and the track to the nearest main road was impassibly drifted over with snow. To keep warm, the two friends huddled together under the duvet, sharing their heat. Embarrassment at the unaccustomed intimacy was overcome by the need to keep warm and the primal trepidation caused by such an unnerving natural phenomenon. The were just good friends really. Sure, there had been the odd time when each had entertained a curiosity of the other's sexual desires, but nothing had ever come of it. The friendship was as platonic as ever. Eventually, they slept with him giving her back the heat of his stomach and chest.

    She awoke in the middle of the night with something around her left ankle. It felt like her knickers, but that was impossible because she was still wearing them. Could they be his pants, perhaps? She felt further with her feet. No... for some reason, his pants seemed to be lying next to the knickers. Quietly, she felt behind her to see if he was wearing them, but it seemed that he also was still wearing his underclothes. That's weird. Oh well, they must just be something else. Again, she dozed off.

    When she awoke again, it was still night, though the moon had risen and was now reflecting its light off the snow and into the bothy window. There seemed to be something around her, gently constricting her as though she was wearing a bra. But she had definitely removed that before getting into bed without taking her t-shirt off. Yet it was now undoubtedly back on her. Perhaps she had only imagined she had taken it off, such was her routine at home - funny how the mind can play tricks on you. She felt on the floor next to the bed where she would normally drop it. But, hang on... her bra was there! Then what was she wearing? She felt the bra around her and wondered at how strange the material was - as soft and comfortable as silk, yet utterly unyielding of any attempt to remove it. Indeed, it seemed to have no adjusting loops or catches at all and clung to her every curve - as though it was one single moulded piece. She felt a little further around her back. It seemed to join up with the knickers she was wearing. Pulling at the length of colourless fabric joining the two garments did nothing other than tighten both around her. Gently but firmly, they held her in their grip and nothing she could do would effect her release. With a rising sense of incredulous panic, she felt behind her for the comfort of her companion. Thank god he was still there and breathing regularly and calmly behind her.
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  2. kopinov

    kopinov PV

    As she lay there smirking to herself at her moment of infantile imagination, a sensation started to spread into her almost as though an infinitesimally thin thread was growing into her - almost like an itch to begin with but gradually increasing in girth until it felt as though a length of chord was deep inside her anus and spreading its length into her intestines. It slowly pulsated and rocked her back and forth on the bed sheet, growing and stiffening with each passing moment to become a long undulating presence within her. Her bewilderment and panic returned and grew with each passing second. Then she felt a pressing against the opening of her vagina as though a great fist was slowly pushing at it from outside her knickers.

    As she reached down to feel what it was that was forcing itself upon her, she felt her labia being parted by what felt like nailless fingers and tentacles inside her knickers. As they parted, the pressing became a great shaft pushing inside her with a size and girth that made her gasp out loud. This was impossible! Again, she felt between her legs with her hands but could only feel the outside of the knickers as they should be - there was nothing and nobody there and yet she was being penetrated by the most enormous penis she had ever felt in her life. Its huge ribbed head rubbed with an irresistible force in and out and in from her labia, across her g-spot all the way to her cervix. On the outside, her hands could feel no movement whatsoever anywhere near her crotch, yet the inside of these weird knickers was fucking her in both holes more prodigiously that she ever thought possible. Gradually, her bra began to suck and tug at her nipples which grew hard and sensitive. What a ridiculous wet dream - and a lucid one at that!
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  3. kopinov

    kopinov PV

    She shifted herself onto all fours and crawled to the edge of the bed and, leaning over to reach the small chest by the bottom of the bed, tried to stand upright on the floor. As though sensing an attempt to escape its clutches the knickers' penis deepened and widened inside her and pulled her back onto the bed, as a parent pulls back a toddler on a set of reins. Now on her back with her legs held wide apart, the fucking continued and increased in pace relentlessly, and she cried out as she finally gave in to the unstoppable flood of orgasms which began to crash over her in a now endless and inexhaustible series of waves. And then it dawned... this was no dream!

    With a great effort, she looked across at her friend to see him lying on his back in the moonlight staring back at her in bewilderment with a great pulsating bulge covering his crotch in place of his pants, creating and massaging an uncontrollable and huge erection whilst, from under him, it fucked his anus and milked his prostate. And between them, those unearthly garments were joined as though they were a single organism or creature feeding off the cum they were producing. As she watched, the creature began to spread over his body to cover his legs and arms like an alien translucent skin capturing his control of them until only his head remained uncovered. Suddenly, she realized that she too had become entirely engulfed by the creature. Controlling her arms and legs as though she was a puppet, it lifted her over him and began to position her vagina over his penis. She could see what it was doing but was entirely powerless to resist or even influence it. Not that she cared, such was the intensity of the endless series of orgasms coursing through her crotch and lower body from her continuing double penetration. So clear was it that she was no longer in charge of what her body did, that she let herself go and gave herself to it.

    As she did, the creature's penis drew itself out of her vagina and at the same time unsheathed her friend's penis which, miraculously, had grown to around eleven inches in length and three inches in diameter. Gradually and inexorably, it lowered her vagina down over it. As they were about an inch or two apart, she caught sight of a tiny part of the creature still protruding from the tip of her friend's penis and extending, like a growing plant, into her own vagina. The creature placed her hands on her friend's shoulders and lowered her crotch down onto his. This time, the shaft entering her took her breath away more than ever before. She felt every little ripple on the widest part of the head as it passed over her sensitive inner folds until it was simply too wide to go any further. There was more length and depth but the head was just too big. Nevertheless, the creature still kept pulling them together until the was an audible "thwop!" and the head of the penis locked into place completely filling the deepest part of the vagina below the cervix. There was not a single millimetre of the inside of her that didn't feel the huge penis as it expanded even further and the two were locked together as though welded.
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  4. kopinov

    kopinov PV

    The creature started sucking and tugging her nipples and fucking her anus once more, pressing itself against the penis inside her, which seemed to respond by leaping and squirming and changing shape to pulsate and swirl over every sensitive part inside her. Somehow the creature was also licking her clitoris, labia minor and perineum. As the waves of orgasms engulfing both of them intensified and synchronized, it pulled them together in an inseparable embrace. Through her perineum she could sense a tingle of electricity and, from his increasingly mindless convulsions and cries of pleasure, she knew that her friend as well as being fucked and milked by the creature in his own way, could feel the same. Suddenly, he let out a great shriek and the cock surged as she felt a great jet of hot cum blast into her cervix, opening it up. Without pause, came another and another and another and yet more and more in an irresistible procession of hot blasts and gushes.

    There was a great jolt and surge within her as the ejaculations found their focus. She felt her breath being pushed out of her at every juddering squirt as it forced her innermost parts to yield and open to its advance, impervious to pleading or reason. She could sense her uterus was filling up as his cum now spouted directly into it, gushing against her upper wall and into her fallopian tubes as the head of the penis, still leaping and squirting furiously, extended further and further up beyond her cervix right into her uterus where uncontrollably she gripped it with her quivering endometrium. The enormous head was now locked deep inside her womb - it would not, and could not, retreat. Each liquid impact fired up the pulsating shaft to detonate inside her as though exploding her very soul as she gasped and cried out mindlessly at its all encompassing power.

    As though revelling in her absolute helplessness and submission, the fucking in her anus began to take the form of a fist which opened to become a hand, spreading its grip around her vagina and the base of her friend's cock. As it started to rub up and down, it pressed her g-spot hard against the ripples and veins of the steel hard shaft, which throbbed in answer. Soon the hand's grip around the penis began to be taken up by her body as it wanked both together in time to the swirling over her labia and clitoris. No matter how hard she tried to resist her urge to grip it, she could do nothing to fight her response to each pulse of semen as it shot up the bulging seminal duct to gush into her an instant later - each ejaculation prompting an involuntary contraction, prompting an ejaculation prompting another contraction and another ejaculation - each more irresistible and unstoppable than the last, dragging out of her an endlessly overlapping cascade of orgasms she was helpless to resist. And so it went relentlessly for hours in her growing delirium.

    She knew she was now nothing more than a possession, an appendage, of the seething monster inside her. Only the creature's control of her limbs, directing her every move and thrust, prevented her descent into a quivering wreck on the bed. Eventually though, the penis's leaping and ejaculating subsided along with her vagina's clutching and squirting and the two lay locked in a breathless, drooling embrace before falling deep into a dreamless unconsciousness as the sky outside lightened imperceptibly.
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  5. kopinov

    kopinov PV

    When she awoke, it was morning. She was surprised to find herself astride her friend and briefly wondered what kind of a mad dream she had had. My god - it was the best wet dream she'd ever had - her vagina even throbbed as though a penis was still where it had been in the dream. She eased herself off him so as not to wake him and have to face an embarrassing explanation of what she was doing there. But she couldn't move. She was stuck. As she tried to lift her pelvis away from his, he awoke and she realized that the ache in her vagina was real and, although the creature had gone, the penis was still stiff and huge and still locked within her uterus, her cervix now clamped firmly around the shaft, which stiffened further with his waking.

    As they tried hopelessly to separate, the movement unleashed distant memories of multiple orgasms which began to lap over them once more and drown their waking confusion. Staring deep into each others eyes with shock and disbelief, they clutched each other tightly as, yet again, she started to cum around his unnatural size and, again, his penis started to twitch and leap and, in just moments, began to ejaculate furiously and voluminously into her once more. It was all they could do to hold each other tightly with their arms as their pelvises spasmed and thrust involuntarily against one another, their moans and cries almost matched in volume by the sucking and squelching of cum as it seeped out of her as her innards spasmed and contracted ever more tightly around his pulsating shaft and huge bulbous head. Their bodies, aching and exhausted, unable to move yet equally unable resist the thrusting urges of their pelvic embrace. Eventually, there was no more energy left in either of them and the cumming and squirting subsided. His penis became flaccid, shrank and, with a "shloop", freed itself from the clutches of her cervix and vagina. She, feeling strangely bloated, and he, totally spent and empty, both fell into a satiated sleep.
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  6. kopinov

    kopinov PV

    When they awoke, it was night again and the cold was as pervading and deep as the previous night. There was no sign of the creature and the night sky was quiet - no lightening and nothing supernatural. All, at last, was normal and safe. After a hearty meal from their provisions, they determined to get a good night's sleep and make tracks for the main road tomorrow. It was only after an hour or so that they realised that the duvet was pulling them closer and closer together in an increasingly firm grip...

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  7. Pearls

    Pearls #PearlsTechSupport Sprtr

    Another fantastic read Mr Kopinov and great writing xx
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  8. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

    Wow, brilliant!
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  9. Admin

    Admin Admin Sprtr

    This is actually remarkable....
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