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The Dance Of Panic, Pain And Pleasure.

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by The-Gypsy-Tangerina, 22 October 2016.

  1. I was shaking as I pulled up in the car outside. The night before I had finally come to understand what it meant to be dominated. What it meant to have a man inside me. His body pressing me down. The feelings of white heat and pleasure as he moved hard inside me, pulling my hands behind me as I pushed back, moaning and gasping for air. The first time I for me. I had nearly passed out; unable to stand on shaking legs.

    The shaking, although slight, remained. I tried to calm myself a bit, the social anxiety taking hold as I stepped inside the pub. It was a fet meet up. A one year anniversary with lots of new faces. I'd been once before and could remember one or two people. Names were a different thing. Still trembling, I sat and talked a while. I sat on my hands subconsciously trying to stop them from tapping and fidgeting. It did little to hide my nerves. I drank to calm myself. I cursed myself for not having the courage to introduce myself or begin a conversation. But as time passed, the drinks helped and so did she.

    She was wonderful from the beginning. Wearing a beautiful burgundy dress. She was chatty and flirtatious and wiggled easily around the room from person to person. We had spoken before and she been warm and kind. That night, as my confidence grew, I was desperate to tell everyone about my first time. How it had felt and what I had learned. As the evening evolved, I met new people. She introduced me to others under gaze of her mistress.

    By the time we left, I was bathed in a tipsy glow. I dallied behind the two of them back as they chatted side by side. We crept inside and up to her room. We talked of games and interests, hobbies and science. We smoked and drank gin and tonic. By the time her mistress had left, my head was in a very happy place. She changed her outfit. We looked at photos and videos. Talked about what we liked, what we needed. As the night got later I felt it more, that need. So many times I wanted to touch her. So many times I denied myself. What if I was wrong? What if this wasn't the connection I thought it was? It wasnt until I found myself in front of her that I suddenly asked if I could put my hand on her hip.

    She blushed. She was in chastity and needed permission to unlock. She agreed that I could touch her and...

    ...And before we knew what was happening we were kissing passionately. Her body against me. My clothes disappeared. So did most of hers. Shd kept her lingerie and suspenders on. Our hands were around each others cocks. She was hard and I was teasing her. My desire was uncaring and I continued to explore her body. I craved her. My impatience and her frustration driving us into a frenzy. She placed pumps on my nipples and we turned them togethe. The pain sending my mind into delirium. She pumped my cock until it felt like it might explode. I tried to speak and the words came out as sounds. I nodded. My eyes begged for more. She found a huge inflatable plug.

    She pressed it inside me. Even deflated it was stretching me. Pain and shivers ran through me. My arms flailing and my legs shaking, I tried to operate the pump. She held it. She slowly increased the size. I pushed against the fullness of it as she smiled down on me. Time seemed to slow down as I writhed on her bed and she leant over to kiss me. I felt faint. I felt dizzy but I just wanted more. More pain and sensation.

    When it finally came out, all I could think of was her cock. I wanted it inside my mouth. I yearned for her to come on me. We drank more gin and searched for her phone as she desperately asked for permission to unlock herself. I raised my knees and rotated my hips, offering myself as she pleaded with her mistress. She was hard under her cage. The beautiful denial it gave her. My naughtiness turned me on. I basked in the pleasure of being desired. I wanted her. I wanted to tease her.

    When the key finally removed the barrier, I didn't rush in. I touched it gently. I held it until even I could wait no longer. She held my head as I slid down over it. I could feel it as it slid down my throat. Each time I could feel her getting nearer, I would stop. Her dark hair was tangled and she looked beautiful. I watched her play with herself for a while. I felt different. Like was somehow reversing her control over me. She laid down on the bed and I played inside her with my fingers. Then my hand as she loosened as I licked and kissed and sucked her cock. We squeezed and pulled each others balls. We sucked each other hard. Each time her desperation to come was overridden by her will to deny it.

    In the end, we finally collapsed in a tangled and sweaty heap. It was light outside. Looking down at her, kissing her chest and running my fingers over her beautiful face, I wanted to stay and just be there. To fall asleep in each others arms after such a powerful physical experience would have been magical. Reality was not forthcoming. Swaying and exhausted, I gathered me clothes and we crept downstairs.

    She kissed me by the door. As I stepped outside, cars sped on their way to work. I drifted along the pavement like an autumn leaf amongst the schoolchildren and workers. I couldn't switch off the memories. The bruising on my chest. The hardness in my own unsatisfied cock. The tingling in my hypersensitivery skin. The warmth of her lips against mine. I drove amongst the commuters, smiling, half aware of the world waking up around me. There were so many many new sensations to think about. There were so many new experiences left to have.

    As I fell into my bed, I realised that life would probably never be the same again. It would be as beautiful as dancers in a silent street.
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  2. Very erotic and poetic. You write with such beautiful words. Thank you for sharing x
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  3. Thank you.
    I wrote it for Fetlife for the person to be able to see my feelings. I wanted to share here too.
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