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The Evening

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 17 July 2016.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Please bare in mind it is actually a pretty long time since I have wrote anything so please go easy on this one.

    She moaned as he ran kisses down her spine and an excited shiver ran through her as his hands caressed the beautiful swell of her tummy.

    “Ummmmm” she moaned

    “You like?” He asked with a cheeky knowing wink

    “Ohhh god yes I like, your so gentle”

    “Only sometimes” he responded while kissing her lower back and pinching her right nipple

    The pinching made her smile and moan as a wave of happy bliss enveloped her, but even in this blissful state she couldn’t help but ask herself how had she, a curvy woman in the middle of forties end up naked on all fours while the 29 year old taut bodied Noah kissed and caressed every inch of her body.

    “What di….” she sighed

    “What, what Mary?” Noah asked as he kissed the upper fringe of Mary’s buttock and cuped both her large soft boobs

    “Ummmm What” Mary paused “tell me what you want to do to me” Mary smiled a wry smile knowing she had almost sighed ‘what did i do to get a hot guy like you in my bed, and that knows how to make me go Ummmmm’

    “So many naughty things”

    “Like?” Mary answered sternly

    “Well for one I want to turn you over and get between those big soft thighs of yours and kiss and like that hot wet pussy of yours”

    “Ummm good, she’s a Kitty”

    Noah kissed her buttock again before confusedly asking “Kitty?”

    “I like her called Kitty, much more naughty don’t you think?”

    Noah returned to kissing Mary’s lower back but released his right hand and brought it to her completely smooth hot and already moist Kitty

    “Ummm she likes you, you big uhhhh fuck yes” Mary moaned as Noah slid firstly one and then two fingers into her, “god you naughty……..” mary tailed off as Noah’s invading fingers withdrew just as quickly and unexpectedly as they had entered.

    Noah rose to his feet and looked at the gorgeous arse of the curvy woman in front of him and stroked his already painfully hard cock and asked himself “should I just take her now like this? I know she will let me and i think she wants me to but”.

    His thoughts broken by the sight of Mary rolling over and spreading her legs open,

    “Well?” Mary’s eyes sparkled as for the first time she saw him in all his full naked glory

    “What ummmmm” Noah was lost for words

    “Someone said they were going to kiss and lick Kitty her” smouldered Mary as she opened her nether lips

    Noah stepped forward placed his hand on Mary’s chest and pushed until she laid back as he lowered himself so that his head was between her head. Noah briefly bathed in sweet musky scent before moving even closer and letting the just tip of his tongue just touch Mary’s incredibly wet and sweet kitty. The heat and taste swatted all the thoughts Noah had of tender teasing kisses and licks and replaced them with a need to devour this most perfect of mature kitties in this moment of clarity he also knew that this wouldn’t be an evening of tender loving either.

    Mary grabbed great handfuls of Noah’s soft brown hair in an attempt guide his lapping tongue and roared loudly,

    “Fuck you, how the the fuck do you ummmmm…….”

    Mary’s words morphed into pleasured moans and grunts as Noah turned his attention to Mary’s hard little clit. Mary’s moans built and built as she neared and shattering orgasm it was now that Noah pulled his tongue back into his mouth and gave her engorged excited clit one final tender kiss.

    Eyes filled with lust Mary panted angrily “you stopped, I need, I was close you stopped”

    Mary was silenced by Noah's lips and the taste of her on them, though a brief kiss in her state of lust and arousal it seemed like an age before Noah whispered into her ear “I want, no need to be inside you”

    “Take me then” Mary growled as she raked her fingernails down Noah’s delicately muscled back.

    Mary’s answer came as she felt Noah guide his rock hard cock into her waiting kitty causing her once again to growl “Grrrrr god you’re stretching filling kitty, umm so god”

    As Noah drove all of himself in to Mary she roughly griped and dug her nails deep into the firm flesh of Noah’s bottocks, again he kissed her and again he whispered into ear “Naughty girl, and naughty girls getting fucked”

    With this Noah started to withdraw and trust with long strong strokes each one ending with a loud clap as the couples body slapped into each others.

    “You have no idea how naughty I am” Mary growled, Noah paused as they kissed passionately “But you will find out”

    It was in this brief pause as both readied themselves for the building crescendo that Mary slide a chubby finger between Noah’s taught butt checks and caressing his unsuspecting anus, but this was a brief moment that either Noah enjoyed or was so lost in the moment he didn’t notice.

    A loud slap rung out as Noah and Mary returned to their hard passionate desperate sex, and soon Mary was moaning and writhing underneath him as she was overcome with pleasure Noah about manage to keep his cool until Mary’s kitty quivered and squeezed Noah’s painfully hard cock setting his orgasm off and with a powerful roar his balls tightened and he came.

    In a slight dase Noah slide off Mary but manage to still embrace her as they fell into a sexually exhausted sleep.

    Hours later and Mary had already awoken and was snuggled up as the lean toned Noah awoke and satisfiedly mumbled

    “I think I might need a shower……... and a change of sheets”

    As Noah tried to stand he realised Mary tightly holding him by the arm. He smiled as she spoke

    “Not yet mister we haven’t finished yet” Noah smiled at this and answered

    “Ohh really”

    “Yeah I haven’t had a chance to suck that gorgeous cock of yours, but you have licked Kitty and that's not fair”

    “I never said I play fair, but a blowjob does sound good” Noah said while relaxing back down

    The end for now maybe?
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  2. Thanks for making it easy to read. I don't get along with long paragraphs!
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  3. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    well it does have a lot of speech and nothing in the way of story really so their wasn't any need for long paragraphs.
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  4. well I liked it, thanks for sharing x
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  5. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    thank you i'm happy you liked it, it not a bad little thing that could develop in to more.
  6. Wow!! Very hot hun. Loved it xx
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  7. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    thank you to, I won't say I work that hard on it because it just pretty much flowed out
  8. Its very good xxx
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  9. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    thanks I was just inspired tonight I suppose
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