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The Meeting

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by heavenNhell, 12 June 2016.

  1. The meeting

    The breeze gently whispered thro the trees as i stepped from the car goosebumps prickled my naked flesh as i stood in the darkness a gruff voice stated "good girl well done dont turn around " as strong hands held my arms a blindfold is tied quickly and tightly over my eyes a collar around my throat .Then my coat is roughly removed leaving me naked but for my stockings suspenders and knee boots my skin flushes with goosbumps again as i stand vulnerable to this mans whims. With a click i hear a chain attached to the collar with a sharp tugg iam instructed to "walk slut " i do so tentativly at first for which i recieve a sharp stroke off the cane on my naked buttocks i whimper and flinch "shut up whore" i am told with another stroke accross my stinging ass. I guicken my pace tugged along by the chain like an animal .One pulling one caning so there are at least two of them as promised i feel that warm flush of anticipation in my cunt at the use i am going to get .My mind wandering i stumble and fall headlong onto the path i feel dirt and damp on my hands knees and my swaying breasts roughly iam yanked to my feet by the collar and told what a"usless piece of fuckmeat" iam as the cane wheals my exposed ass in an angry frenzy my backside stinging i stumble along begging my master to stop " please sir i beg u i will be good and do better " thank fully we arrive at our destination as i am roughly brought to a stop .Rough hands sieze my shoulders force me to turn then push me backwards untill my back hits something cold and damp iam forced off my feet and onto my back to lye accross this table my arms a quickly bound to the legs my legs splayed wide are bound also my head left to loll i am now totaly at there mercy humiliated exposed there to use a shudder of fear and anticipation runs through my body as i await the pleasurable ordeal i seek .Suddenly fingers pinch my hard nipples causing me to flinch and gasp a hard slap to my tit flesh reminds me to stay quite as my tits are roughly kneaded stretched pinched and slapped ! A mouth and tounge clamp on to my left nipple sucking licking then bitting them hard sending shivers of pleasure thu my body a finger brushes accross my wet pussy lips "the slut is wet " exclaims the owner "were u given permission to be wet slut "? "no sir i reply " meekly "then u shall be punnished" is the reply .My hair is pulled hard back forcing my head back as it is a huge hard cock is forced into my mouth and deep down my throat "suck it " im instructed as i gag on it i hungrly close my lips around it and attempt to suck as its owner begins to fuck my mouth hard pounding me like the cum slut iam holding me by my hair to take all his cock down my throat as i fight not to gag tears sting my eyes as im used i feel fingers exploreing my wet cunt hole stretching tease ing me then with a rough thrust a hard cock is thrust into my hole i rythe with pleaseure against my bonds as the two off them spit roast me with there cocks suddenly a third cock starts to push at my arse hole with a thrust its in me god that feels good to have all three holes full of cock there owners grunting and panting as the use my holes for there pleasure and then another mouth closses around my nipples licking and teasing there four of them ! Fantastic how much i haved craved being gang bangged and finnaly its cuming true .The cock in my mouth thrusts deep and explodes the cum making me gag and choke i try to suck it down as the cock is held in place my mouth forced right down to my users balls just as i fear i must suffocate my head is released and the cock removed the wet cum dripping tip wiped all over my face .I gasp for breath deeply when i feel my hair gripped tightly and yanked back again panting i open wide in anticipation of having another hard cock to suck when to my supprise its the soft lips of a wet cunt that envelope my mouth grinding down onto me hard joy of joy a woman as well? I hungrly seek her clit with my tounge as the men up my cunt and arse reach thrusting grunting orgasms deep inside me flooding me with hot cum they pull out there cum and my juice leaking from my holes.The womand grinds into me harder as i lash her clit her fingers exploring my sopping cunt probing inside me. The touch of her tounge on my clit makes me start and rythe with pleasure agianst my bonds four fingers stretch me as she touges me expertly then a fith stretches me further as a fist is eased into my cunt the pain is intence as is the pleasure as she pumps her hand into me up to the wrist bone i hear her moan as a cock is forced up her cunt which only makes her grind onto my mouth and pound my cunt harder as the man fucks her hard our pace increases as we build to a shaking shudderin cum i feel the splash of hot cum on my tits as the others wank overme then as quickly as it began its over all i can hear it my tortures pants of joy and the womans moans as she is fucked whilst lying naked accross me one by one the men takeher then all spent they stop the rustle of clothing and sound of zips tells me they are dressing but what of me naked sweat and cum stained helpless and humiliated what of me ?.Shortly i find my fate my arms and legs are released i am allowed to stand and stretch easing my cramps the chain is removed but not the collar .A soft femanine hand takes mine "go with her "the man says then still naked stained with mud grass dirt sweat tears and cum iam led disheveled back to the car there iam left keys in hand and told not to move untill ive counted to 100 i hear them leave and shorly am alone with the trees i remove the blindfold and use my keys to open the car and guickly don my coat there on the drivers seat is a note it reads "well done slut you have truely given your submission welcome to the group your master k "
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