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The Poem Thread

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by The-Gypsy-Tangerina, 19 January 2017.

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    Merging poems into one thread.
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  2. So I thought I'd try one...
    Major Third and Minor Second

    That touch of brilliance in a major chord
    The sharpened third, flatter
    Than the unvoiced fourth it pushes at
    Their not quite beat calling out
    Hear me! Hear me!
    The moving basses enharmonic change
    Tunes that brilliant third against
    The unplayed eleventh and nineteenth
    Distorted by that flattened fifth
    So almost not quite halfway there

    Melodic patterns weave from this
    A fugal contrapuntal cloth
    Of clashing colors pushing up
    Or down seeking that resolving final chord
    Play me! Play me!
    The overtones of every chord or note
    The color of wind or string
    Must move resolve or fade away
    To almost simple silence
    So almost not quite half way there

    That kiss, that opening major chord
    the arching back that beats against
    the unplayed imagination’s thought
    hands weaving ever changing color
    Touch me! Touch me!
    till enharmonic strings resolve
    to the tips of your rigid thrumming nipples
    that perfect minor second held for time
    by teeth and nail so loudly silent
    so almost not quite halfway there

    Melodic patterns weave from here
    a fugal contrapuntal thrust
    of clashing flutter-tonguing throb
    unresolved discord and brilliant lust
    Fuck me! Fuck me!
    the grinding basses enharmonic tones
    inform your breasts and neck and mouth
    an exquisite but disconcordant pain
    resolving passion overwhelms us both
    So completely absolutely all the way quite there.
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