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The Private Club, Birmingham

Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by Admin, 30 March 2015.

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    The Private Club

    Birmingham's best kept secret, an adult party club with very intimate parties, group events and our extremely popular greedy girl events. We have two large play areas and many other smaller areas as well as private rooms - you'll often find people squirreled away enjoying themselves!

    We offer the ultimate adult evening (or afternoon!) of entertainment at a venue in the heart of the West Midlands where we promise you will be well looked after and made to feel completely at ease.

    Opening Times and Events
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday | 12pm – 4pm
    Wednesday and Friday | 8pm – 12am
    Saturday | 8pm – 2am

    We are sometimes open on Tuesday and Thursday if there is a Bank Holiday Monday or Special Event scheduled.

    The Private Club really is an unmissable sexy experience for all. We welcome single ladies and gentlemen as well as couples looking to swing or just broaden their horizons.

    The perfect place to let go of your inhibitions and have a hot and horny time!
    Ladies, if you've ever dreamt of fulfilling your fantasies, The Private Club is the place to be, whether watching is your thing, or getting right in the heart of the fun!​
    • I have been a couple of times and always clean and tidy , friendly and certainly good fun
      • A naughty but nice place
        • Admin

          Admin Site Owner Admin

          That's really good to hear. All feedback is welcomed of course. :)
        • It may not be for everyone as it is group and greedy girl play and maybe too full on. For some people but it is friendly there ,give it a go if you enjoy this type of fun
          • Sounds like it could be fun. :threesum::threesum:
            • Admin

              Admin Site Owner Admin

              Okay sexy peeps, our friend Tyla Moore has been nominated for the UK adult awards!

              We would love to show her our support, as Tyla AND the club show us huge support on Twitter.
              If you have chance to, please take a look here and submit Tyla for best newcomer 2015;

              Thank you so much.. :)
              • Lace

                Lace PV

                She looks like a very sexy lady xxx
                • She is great fun to play with
                  • shadowman

                    shadowman PV Sprtr

                    Tyla Moore is a Stunning looking women...and she definitely has my vote...good luck girl...
                    • Pearls

                      Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

                      Ive heard very good thing about this club and Tyler seems a very lovely lady xxx:love:
                      • Admin

                        Admin Site Owner Admin

                        Indeed, Tyla seems very nice indeed :D x
                        • Never knew this was in a thread. Been a few times now, always great fun. Always respectable but not for the faint hearted lol. Hmmm now what to do tonight?????
                          • Pearls

                            Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

                            Is Tyler's sister still running it hun x
                          • Not seen her there the past couple of times that I've been but her twitter still seems to indicate she's still involved.
                            • Pearls

                              Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

                              yes I have noticed, shame about Tyler x
                            • She focused on her porn career, unless other stuff went on.
                              • Pearls

                                Pearls Site Owner Staff Admin

                                • Tyler is doing only cam stuff at the moment as far as I know (she doesn't escort anymore nor doing parties nor being involved on the adult industry as per her AW page; she doesn't have any twitter accounts nor ***** accounts last I checked) and her sister is not the manage of the private club anymore. It's Matt, Club R3tro's owner.
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                                  • Matt is now the manager of Private Club??? Or it's Matt who wrote the above??
                                    • Matt IS the manager of The Private Club. I thought I explained it well enough, apologies if it was confusing
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                                      • You had. It was the last sentence that made me wonder lol.
                                        When did Matt start managing the Private Club?
                                      • A few days ago actually, a week at most. Not long. He has a new twitter account with that info about him being the new manager of the club
                                        • I liked Matt. Nice guy. Always had a good laugh and a chat with him.
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