'The Way Back' (Naughty Book Snippet!) By Me. ;)

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Ok, so I thought I would post this here; It is a very descriptive and errm....’naughty’ snippet of my book ‘The Way Back’ so, be warned! Apologies for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I did write under an aka as I'd be mortified if my mother ever found it and read it! This is my first piece (so go easy on me!), which was initially going to be a practice run of an idea but it turned out to be quite popular amongst readers that I started working on it pretty much full time. I’ve also kept in some of the realism elements of the back story so don’t worry if you start reading and it doesn’t sound all that ‘sexy’! I hope you all enjoy!

P.S. Also, a recommendation from one of my readers: ‘Protect all electrical devices from likely, though unexpected, fluid/moisture damage’... His words, not mine! This was also the same guy that said that should my book ever be printed that I should release a limited edition wipe-clean version......

Anyway, without further ado, chapter 5/6 from ‘The Way Back’.


Characters: Ellie, Leland
Scene: Hawaii beach after midnight, full moon and sky full of stars.
POV written story.

Leland’s POV

Without saying another word, I led her out on to the beach until we were completely free of people that could interrupt us. We walked together along the shoreline, my arm firmly around her. The stars were bright and the moon was big in the sky. The waves ebbed back and forth with a calming sweep and the breeze was warm and gentle on my face. Ellie smiled subtly and gazed off into the distance. Even in the night, her eyes shone brightly.

Down the farther end of the beach, was a rock formation with a picturesque waterfall cascading over it. I took her to sit there with me. It was quiet and private where we could lay and gaze at the stars without a care in the world. Ellie gasped in wonder when she saw it. Even after seeing it countless times, it still took my breath away. I loved to come here to think sometimes. It had unfortunately become a popular spot over the years and more and more people had come to visit and therefore wasn't ever usually as private as it used to be. But tonight, we were the only ones here and I don't think I'd ever seen it look more beautiful.The sound of the waterfall hitting the pool below was soothing and the moonlight bounced off of its surface making it sparkle. I stopped and watched Ellie walk ahead of me as she looked around. She was still clutching the hibiscus flowers I'd given her earlier and to see her standing there in awe of the view made for the perfect photograph. She turned to face me but didn't say a word. We stood in silence for a moment longer before I decided to go to her. She dropped the flowers as I reached her and we took each other in our arms. I kissed her long and deep, our tongues warring for control. I lifted her and she wrapped her long legs around my waist. I lowered to my knees and laid her on the smooth sand which was still warm from the day’s sun. She held me to her with her legs and clutched the back of my head for a deeper kiss. I couldn't get enough of her. My body ached for her. She whimpered into my mouth when she felt the stiffening length in my pants pushing against her. I moaned in satisfaction as I applied more pressure. Her arched herself into me and her head tilted back onto the sand, breaking away from our kiss. Oh God. I didn't want to lose control. But the ecstasy on her face was more than I could bear. I slowed my movement and rolled so that we were side by side. I held her face in my hands and teased her lips with kisses. We were breathless and she grasped my shirt trying to pull me closer to her. I ran my fingers along her side, my hand searching under her t-shirt just to feel her skin. I stroked over her side and onto her back and traced the length of her. She shivered. I lowered my hand from her shirt and down over her hip. I returned to her face and traced out her features. Her brow-line, her cheeks, that cute little nose, those sweet lips that I couldn't help but tease with another kiss when I reached them and her chin.

"Leland," she breathed. Hearing her say my name took me in for another passionate kiss. Resting on my elbow, I looked down on her in the moonlight.


By saying her name had the same effect on her as it did to me. She let out a pleasurable sigh.

"What is it baby?"

She leant up and over me until I was laying flat on the sand. She rested her arm on my chest and lay her head so that we were still face to face.

"Thank you so much for tonight. It's been a long time since I last had so much fun."

For some reason, those words made my heart sink and my blood run cold. The way she said them caused me to worry. Was she leaving? Did she think that I only wanted her for tonight?

"I didn't do anything baby. I've had such a great time. I want to spend more time with you. I don't want it to just be tonight. I was thinking maybe you'd stay around. You know, with me."

She looked thoughtful for a moment and avoided my gaze. What was going through her head? It had seemed like she'd turned in on herself again and I hated to see it. She knelt back onto her legs and I sat bolt upright. I took her hand and entwined her fingers in mine. She looked away across the shore watching the waves. I slowly brought my hand to her chin and brought her face back to mine. I stared into her beautiful hazel eyes and kissed her lips again. I felt a tear fall to my cheek but it wasn't mine.

"Ellie? Come on baby, what is it? You can tell me. Was it something I said?"

She looked down at our hands. I had hoped she had seen the concern on my face. Sniffling and upset, she cried out the words.

"What do you want from me, Leland?"

I was shocked by her words again.

"What?" I asked gently.

"What do you want from me?" she sobbed hard and I instantly felt like crying too. Her pain was real and I just wanted to take it away. But I didn't know how. This had to be something to do with what had happened to her. I'd remembered the pictures that I'd seen of her again. The confident and happy girl to when I'd first laid eyes on her and it was like that part of her had faded away somehow. It was agonising to see her upset and the first tear fell from my eyes.

"I want you Ellie."

My reply seemed to frustrate her.

"But why? Why? I don't understand! Why me?"

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. She initially tried to push me away but I wouldn't let her. She sobbed into my chest and her tears were flowing freely now. I hushed her and rocked her gently back and forth on my lap like I had with my son when he had been a small boy; if he'd fallen and scraped his knee for example. But of course, her problems were more complex than I grazed knee and I understood from her reaction that she had not been treated like the beautiful woman that she was. The way she deserved to be treated. I tried to hold back on my tears. I needed to be strong for her.

"Because...," I didn't continue until I knew for certain that she was listening. "Because if you had seen yourself through my eyes tonight, then you would understand what an amazingly wonderful person you are, inside and out. You care for other people and you see them. You're so understanding. Everything about you is what I've been looking for. Don't you know how beautiful you are?"

"It's not true," her words were muffled against my chest.

"It is baby. It is."

She curled her arms under mine and she gripped my shoulders though she didn't lift her head. She stayed nestled against my chest. I don't know how long we sat there for but I was content just to have her in my arms. She may have been hurting but I was here now and I was going to do anything and everything that I could to make her realise that she was loved. By me.

Ellie’s POV

His words had shaken me to the core. Did he think he loved me or something? What was the deal? I thought that all he wanted was a night of sex and that would be the end of it. I mean, isn't that what all guys want? Even someone like Leland? Surely there had to be some ulterior motive. Either way, I wasn't falling for the rubbish he'd spewed out about me. If he wanted to get me into bed then he didn't need to come out with all of that! I couldn't stay angry with him for long though. His hands on me had set me on fire and I was willing to push all of his crazy talk out of my mind for that. I liked Leland a lot but there was no way that he genuinely liked me. That was impossible.

I had sat in his lap for a while and decided that I needed to do something crazy to shake off what he'd said. I kissed him briefly and stood up. I reached out my hands so that he would take them and I pulled him to his feet.

"Wanna go have some fun?" I did my best to sound perky and adventurous but I could see the reluctance on his face. He seemed hung up on my little outburst so I fired him up with a sumptuous kiss. His smile returned. I stepped back to give myself some room and stripped off my sand covered jeans. I removed my trainers and socks before giving him a cheeky grin. I threw my top off onto the ground.

"Come on!" And with that, I ran towards the sea and dived when the water became deep enough.

The water was cool and inviting. I relished the weightlessness it gave me and I floated to the surface in time to see Leland removing his shirt. Wow, what a man! I couldn't resist reaching down and teasing myself at the sight of him there. He removed his shoes and socks as I had and the last to go were his trousers. He stood in his black shorts which clung to every shape of his body. I was burning inside for him. And as if that wasn't enough, he loosened his hair from its tie and it cascaded over his shoulders. Oh my God. 'Please come to me, Leland!' I whispered to myself.

He ran towards me and made a dive into the water. He disappeared under the surface and didn't come up for a while. Long enough for me to start worrying. He reappeared a few meters away and squeezed the water from his hair. His soaked shoulders glistened in the moonlight. I drank in the view and moved closer. I couldn't resist splashing him.

"Hey!" he protested, but he joined in the game. Every so often he would dive again and pull my ankle. Sometimes he ran his hand along my leg or across my stomach. Every touch was a sign of things to come. It all came to a head when he grabbed my hips from behind and closed the space between us. The playfulness had ended. Looking over my shoulder at him, our eyes locked. With one hand he opened the clasp on my bra and let it fall away. He breathed steadily as he placed his hand on my cheek and brought his lips to mine in a tender kiss. I reached up and held the back of his head. His fingers never left my skin as they travelled down my neck to my breasts. He caressed them taking his time to tease my already erect buds. He barely grazed them but it was enough to send me into a spin. I could feel the pressure of his pulsing length pressing between my buttocks. My head fell back onto his shoulder as I cried out for him. His hand reached up to my neck and his fingers trailed along my throat as he planted kisses there. Enough was enough. I couldn't take anymore. I spun in the water to face him. I bent my head to brush my lips against his muscular chest. My hands were at the waistband of his shorts and I eased them down from his hips. I took him in one hand and he moaned at the touch. He was hard and I found myself imagining what he would feel like inside me. I bit my lip. I stroked him slowly and every movement caused Leland to breathe harder. I quickened my pace and I saw that it drove him crazy. He responded by clumsily dragging my girl shorts from my legs. He returned to my touch and let out an audible moan. Without a word, he picked me up and I straddled him again. He lurched towards the beach as fast as he could with the current going against him. We fell onto the sand and I savoured the feel of his weight on top of me. He looked down on me and paused.

"Leland, please!" I begged. There was an urgency in his eyes but still, he didn't move. I was almost crying as I pleaded with him again.

He kissed me gently as he steered himself into me. We cried out in unison. Oh my God! The size of him filled me completely. I had been waiting all night for this. He rocked back and forth skillfully and every thrust was sheer ecstasy. I didn't hold back. I cried out for him over and over willing him on. He kept his eyes on me, studying my face. When I found a moment to meet his gaze, he pushed deeper and I screamed with pleasure. I was close and he could feel it. My inside squeezed on him and he lowered his head to whisper into my ear.

"Come for me baby. Come on. Come with me."

I moaned gently at the sound of those words. I was nearing my end. He continued to move on me and held me tighter. He was holding back. He was waiting for me. His face showed deep concentration.

"Come on Ellie. Come for me. I want you to come with me."

There it was. By saying my name he was giving me permission and my orgasm overflowed and every muscle, inside and out, clenched hard as I screamed out his name. I gripped his shoulders and my back arched as I felt his thighs stiffen between mine and he pulsed inside me. His warmth spilled into me as he moaned into my shoulder. Our bodies convulsed repeatedly until there was no more left to give. We lay still and I felt him soften. I wrapped my legs around him again to keep him there. I did't want him to move yet. I wanted to stay as close to him as possible for as long as possible.

He lifted his head and took me in his mouth.

"Oh my God, that was incredible," he breathed. "You're incredible."

"I felt everything," I gasped. "Fuck. I could feel every bit of you."

I felt him twitch inside me slightly. I sighed gently from the new movement. My body was unbelievably sensitive and it sent a shiver of pain and satisfaction up my spine. Much to my displeasure, Leland removed himself from me and laid beside me. He kissed my lips gently and I lazily responded.

"Do you want to stay with me tonight?" he murmured. I smiled.

"Yeah. Take me home Leland."
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Thank you! Was kinda nervous about posting it. So glad that you enjoyed it and there's already plenty more where that came from! The draft story has had 6.4k reads but I'm editing it to have more relevance and clarity in regards to theme etc. Thanks for reading! :) x
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18 July 2015
Thank you! Was kinda nervous about posting it. So glad that you enjoyed it and there's already plenty more where that came from! The draft story has had 6.4k reads but I'm editing it to have more relevance and clarity in regards to theme etc. Thanks for reading! :) x
Well written and don't doubt yourself, its really good xx
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