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They Are Friends (part 1)

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lovernotfighter, 12 January 2017.

  1. Lovernotfighter

    Lovernotfighter PV Sprtr

    Mark sat down in the comfy pink over sized arm chair, and made a quick scan for the delicately illuminated room there was no mistaking that this living was indeed owned by a woman flowers and plants filled the mantelpiece, the equally oversize pink settee had more cushions than could ever be needed and proudly displayed was photos of two women clearly deeply in love.

    “Comfy, sweet pea” Purred a tender seductive voice in the gloom of the doorway,

    “Yes tonight has been lovely” Mark smiled, while gazing down his white shirt and to his brown trousers thinking to himself ‘no tomato even after that sauce ragu’

    “Good, you know if doesn’t have to be over” purred the same voice

    “You two look so lovely together, so in love, Chloe?” Mark questioned pointing to one of the photos

    “We are, darling. I hide nothing from her” Chloe reassured kneeling in front of Mark and looking him in the eye

    “Okay, so…..Hmmmm….”

    “Yes, so is the night over?” She asked while moving her head in and kissing Mark with the sweetest tenderest kiss imaginable.

    Chloe’s answer came by Mark's hands running up over her curved body and through her black long black glossy hair as he opened his mouth allowing her tongue to slide into it. The two kissed for what seemed like an age as eaches tongue flicking into and around the other's mouths and normally each would of been happy with just this but not that night, that night Chloe wanted and needed more.

    Chloe stopped and broke the kiss not by moving but by kissing away from Mark mouth firstly she kissed his cheek, then nibbled his earlobe and whispered

    “You excite me”

    Mark was equally as shocked and turned on as Chloe kissed her way down his neck with red lipped kisses and started opening his shirt button by button with skilled delicate fingers tipped with red nails.

    “Hmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhh” Moaned Mark as Chloe kissed his now bare chest while raking her nails every so softly up his sides,

    “Good?” Inquired Chloe somehow unsure of herself, before kissing and biting teasingly Mark’s left nipple

    “Very, babe” Mark hummed while running a hand over Chloe’s shoulder and gently pressing wanting her to go lower, something she was more than happy to do as she kissed down over his slightly tubby belly.

    As Chloe flicked and traced her tongue around the fringes of Mark’s belly button she struggled with clumsy excitement to open his trousers and unwrap the prize she so greatly desired yet was so wary of. Mark aware of her struggles ran his softly and soothingly over her shoulders. Moving slightly back Chloe gazed in wonder as she managed to allow Mark's hard cock to spring free,

    “I has been a while” Chloe sighed as she nervously ran the tip of a finger from the base of the full angry looking cock

    “Hmmmmmm” was all Mark could manage as a bead of pre-cum fromed at his tip as the delicacy of her touch felt incredible

    “Ohhhhh, ummmmmm” Smiled Chloe as her tongue flicked out and tasted the salty fluid, then hummed “Hmmmmmmmm” as she ran her lips down the glorious shaft in front of her.

    “Hmmmmm, orrrhhhhhh babe let’s hmmmmmm get you read ohhhhh god” Mark moaned as he pulled Chloe from his hard cock.

    Chloe rocked back on her knees happy as Mark stood stepping clear of his clothes and pausing for a moment allowing her to bask in the sight, not only did she knee and bask in the sight but her mind raced as lust started to cloud her mind.

    “Strip me,” escaped Chloe’s mouth her voice filled with urgently, Mark just smiled and stroked his cock slowly and asked,


    “Strip me, take my clothes off me, you naked for me and I need to be naked for you.” Chloe begged


    “I don’t care rip them off me if you want or peel them off and caress me if you need, all I want is you to take them off” Chloe growled as she rose to her feet and kissed her soon to be lover full on.

    Mark was just as filled with lust as Chloe, his mind raced with ideas and images of her riding him, or of bending her over and taking her hard and fast, even spanking her round ample arse while growling “You are mine”, but he controlled his urges and carefully unzipped and peeled of the black sequined dress she wore, followed by her sexist black lacy bra and thong, It was only as Mark reached for her suspender belt she spoke with a moan,

    “Leave them on, babe it more naughty that way.”

    Mark clearly liked the idea as his cock that was now pressed against Chloe’s round tummy twitched and dribbled.

    “Sit down babe” Mark ordered calmly, Chloe obeyed and sat primly for moment her legs clasped together until she giggled and opened her legs wide and for the first time exposed her perfectly shaven pink pussy.

    Mark wasted no time at all in dropping to his knees and lapping up the hot wet pussy in front of him. His eagerness though didn’t translate into some great lusty pleasure but awkward enjoyment.

    “Calm down sexy man, and right, ohhh fuck right…...just…..hmmmmm…...argghhhh…..right like that” Chloe’s slightly forced moans were replaced by screams of delight as Mark without ego listened to her guidance and allowed here hands to guide his head to each one of her most sensitive spots in an order that had her growling and screaming the house down.

    “Arrrggghhhh fucking god, fuckiiinnnggggggggg lord sexy fuck” Chloe screamed as Mark released her soaking wetorgasming pussy, “Fucking god what the fuck” Chloe screamed again this time due Mark’s hard cock pressing into her.

    “So hmmmm hot, and tight” Mark mused pushing fully in

    “Need…...You…...Babe…..Hard” Chloe stammered and mumbled almost intelligibly

    The two snogged as Mark started thrusting into her, slowly and powerfully at first but before long his thrusts were rapid, hard and were met by equally hard passion counter thrusts from Chloe.

    The two filled the room with growls of sexual delight until Chloe could take no more and her passion filled body exploded with orgasmic release, her hands clenched and deeply scratched Mark’s back, something that only pushed him to howl and drive on last powerful thrust home as he came.

    The two lay there exhausted and glowing before the two curled up together,

    “You should stay the night” Chloe smiled as she kissed her lover “and Janey does an awesome breakfast”

    “You sure?”

    “Yes, she will love you sexy”
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