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This week at Townhouse.....

Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by TownhouseTwosome, 11 August 2015.

  1. TownhouseTwosome

    TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

    I don't want to swamp the forums with our events, so instead, I thought it best to give you a calendar for this week. There are some events over the coming weeks that I will list individually and take guestlist names for, but for now, here we go!!

    Weds 12th - Greedy Girls and Swinging - open to all and a cheap night out! New guys need to PM me and take a look at our website please.

    Thurs 13th - Kinky karaoke - Sing AND Swing!! Last month there were 61 filthy f**ksters and some could hold a damn good tune!! £5 for members, £10 for non members and we open our doors at 8.30pm

    Fri 14th is reserved for a private party

    Sat 15th - Good old fashioned debauchery!!!! Filth at it's best! No theme, no gimic...just good old swinging! Bring your best knickers/pants and get yourself over!!

    If you want any more info on our events you can PM me or take a look at our website/blog

    • my Sister is meant to be having a baby Friday most inconsiderate of Her not to check this first :)
      • TownhouseTwosome

        TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

        I wish I could have been given an exact date of delivery!!!! pmsl! You are not going to be there at the birth though and you'll be kicked out of the hospital after visiting, so no excuse!!!
        • my Sister has a zip lol actually it's most inconvenient currently my Niece's birthday, my Sister's birthday and my birthday are all the day after each other now we will have one a week earlier most disorganised of my Sister if you ask me
          • TownhouseTwosome

            TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

            She's obviously not a swinger with a busy social calendar to organise then is she?!! lol
            • No She watches Tranmere Rovers which rather says it all if you ask me
              • Can't wait for Wednesday/Thursday, I'm going to be greedy and come to both. I am especially looking forward to karaoke, but do love a Wednesday night, it's fun to meet the new guys.
                • Aww little baba!! Hope all goes well x
                  • Admin

                    Admin Site Owner Admin

                    Yes good luck to your sister @riccarda hope all goes well for you all.
                    As for events, pff inconsiderate indeed. Tut. You may get your hair sorted by then too ;) (y) x

                    @TownhouseTwosome added all your events to the calendar for you and thanks for choosing one thread and not spamming... not that it ever stopped you before mind! :p :D xx
                    • Lips_Pearls

                      Lips_Pearls PV Sprtr

                      Aww good luck with the new arrival @riccarda hope it all goes well xx

                      And lots going on this week then, good luck @TownhouseTwosome xx
                      • My first Kinky Karaoke.....this could reveal that I'm actually Whitney Houston's long lost sister (because we look very similar) or I could end up with an ASBO!!
                        • Lol you'll love it, the karaoke is soo much fun, definitely one of my favourite nights of the month :D
                          • We'll be there on Saturday :)
                            • I'm coming weds and thurs and have no curfew!!!! Xxx
                              • TownhouseTwosome

                                TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

                                Are we going to have to take the mic off you??? lol xx
                                • I'm thinking more about gagging me and leaving me in a corner somewhere :)
                                  • TownhouseTwosome

                                    TownhouseTwosome VIP Member PV

                                    As you are speaking to a Domme, this shouldn't be a problem ;):p
                                    • Erm...should I be scared now?????
                                      • Sounds like it's getting kinkier by the minute!!!
                                        • not really :lol:
                                          • Admin

                                            Admin Site Owner Admin

                                            Well I have to say a huge thank you to @TownhouseTwosome for their shout out and recommendation to all of their members, about Social Swinging.

                                            Yes we've had a Northern Invasion, definitely :D
                                            We have to say, every single one of you who have joined the site (based on their recommendation) whom we've spoken with and to - you are all very polite, very friendly, clearly very active and most of all should be proud to support your favourite club the way in which you have.

                                            We find it overwhelming that the club has such strong links with its members, like a family.. This support must be clearly overwhelming to Vicky & Jim, who needed your support when they were persecuted for displaying freedom of choice and expression. o_O

                                            You will notice that we are a very different site and as you are with the club, our site is like a family where we all kind of take care for one-another and communicate in friendly exchanges - with the right atmosphere too...
                                            And for all the right reasons too I might add.!! ;)
                                            Just thought we would say a huge welcome and thank you to you all, on what seems the appropriate thread for us to do so.
                                            Admin xx
                                            • You have all been very approachable and ridiculously friendly towards me and that sets you out from other similar sites. Thank you x
                                              • Admin

                                                Admin Site Owner Admin

                                                Thank you very much, and it is this that we have had from day1, and will continue to hold and present. Because it's the direction I/we have wanted the site to go.. A completely different ethos to what others are accustomed to.
                                                A new era of swinging needs a new era of swinging site..

                                                Thank you for the very kind words too. We're both very appreciative and - as I know everyone else will be too. :)
                                                • WOO! I cant believe I'm missing Thursday!! :cry:

                                                  I'll just have to make up for it by going tonight, and maybe Saturday..(y):whistle: xx
                                                  • Simon16

                                                    Simon16 PV Sprtr

                                                    Sorry to be so naive, I'm pretty new to all this. Where is the Townhouse? I've heard it mentioned a few times.
                                                    Thanks x
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