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17 August 2015
Hello fellow travelers, I present a little tale, a descent into hedonism if you like. Is it real or is it a fantasy? Well that’s what I’ll leave it up to you…..

It had not been easy being single in my mid-40s. I won’t bother you with the details of why but yes maybe I was a little picky, yes I had a little bad luck. My previous girlfriend and taken a job in another country and we both new it was never going to work. For the first time in my life I had been trying Internet dating. It was interesting and different but I hadn’t really met anyone yet that was really memorable. I shared fantasies and a few girls and made some friends but nothing that translated into bedroom.

I’m pretty sure that Gail sent me the wink first. We started with the usual pleasant email exchanges, favorite sporting teams, interesting life experiences etc. I was not really sure if she was flirting with me or not. After about five days of messaging each other I decided to just go for it. I told her that I wanted to push her up against the wall kiss her like I mean it. She didn’t use words as a reaction. Instead I’ve got a lovely little picture show me a tattoo she had near her crotch. Later she sent me a message saying she had an important question to ask me. She told me that she had really enjoyed talking to me and she did not mind that I felt this way about her, but, she had a confession to make. She was married and had been so the last 16 years. She and her husband were hoping to try something new and were looking to include another male in the bedroom.

I found this all rather surprising, I never thought of doing anything like this before but I would be lying if it didn’t excite me. Soon, curiosity quickly started to take over my thoughts. I thought about this carefully and I’d heard something about Cuckolds as I’m pretty good on my urban dictionary meetings. I thought, what the hell, and told her it sounds like fun but what did she have in mind? I told her but I was not really attracted to men and for that reason I just wanted to know what the boundaries would be. She messaged me back and said her husband Albert just wants to watch and would not touch me at all. She wants to hire a hotel room and go down to the bar in the lobby leaving Albert sitting in a seat by the window. There we would meet, there she said she would know immediately if I was the one. Curiosity and taken me over at this point, where and whens were exchanged and I knew this weekend would be something I would long remember.

I’ll never forget driving to the hotel, excitement and a little fear all in one. I had a black T-shirt as requested so that I would be easily recognised. Walking into that bar I could feel each step raising my levels of excitement. Suddenly I saw her sitting there, with the pink t-shirt as agreed. Our eyes locked as I walked over to her she was smiling. She stood up and said “follow me…”.

All I could do is look at those tight jeans as I followed and it seemed like an eternity waiting for the lift doors to open. She pressed for eight and as we rode up the elevator I just gently touched her back. She took my hand and let me out of the lift into the room nearby.

After the door shut behind as I followed through my promise and pushed her up against the door as our lips locked. She was clearly enjoying this and I could hear her breathing and felt her heart racing. We kissed what seems like an eternity. As we were doing so I sensed the presence of Albert, I saw him in my peripheral vision but I didn’t look at him.

Gail whispered something in my ear, instructions, a request for what would be done soon. She pulled away from me and moved to the bed, Clearly ignoring Albert. I took my shirt off, it just felt like the right thing to do. She pointed at me and said “come here” as she removed her top. I moved on top of her and started kissing again. I let my fingers explore. Up-and-down her body they moved with no resistance at all. Like an intruder, my hand moved up I massaged her wonderful c-cup breasts. Her nipples stood to attention but I wanted more.

The kissing never stopped but eventually she pushed my hands down and arched her crouch. That is the international sexual signal of surrender. I took the hint and with a great deal of excitement I slowly peeled her shorts and panties off revealing a partially shaved but thoroughly delightful pussy. Albert grunted, to be honest I had forgotten that he was even there. “Shut-up slave!” She commanded and she turned to look at me and said “well, that thing is not going to unzip itself is it?” She started removing my shorts. Finally my cock made its welcome appearance. I think you could have hung a towel on it. “Come here!” she grunted - who was I to argue? I mounted her and she spread her legs wide and wrapped her feet around me. “remember what I told you” she whispered…

I usually like a lot more foreplay but she grabbed my cock and slid it straight in. She gave that innocent look of surprise as I pressed it deep inside her and made slow strokes. “Harder” she commanded “fill me…. Fat Albert over there is waiting…”. Wow, it sounded so demeaning for her to speak about him like that but it made me more excited. I fucked her like it my first time and last time all in one. “Cum in me Cum in me!” she pleaded. I think she came herself at that time but like most men, I was not really sure. All I was sure of is that I couldn’t take much more this as the pleasure was building up in me and had to be released. Normally would try to last longer but her commands to cum were still in my ears.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and just fucking released it all and let go. Normally I liked pushing deeper but it was time for me to follow through with her request, it was time from me to make sure that wonderful pussy was filled with every last drop by balls could manage. Gail cried out, I cant remember if it was religion with “god”, affirmative with “yes” or just an “aahh”. As I exploded releasing that joy juice I slowly pulled out making sure I timed it right to keep as much sprog in there as possible. When my cock gently tumbled out it was still throbbing but the load had been delivered. “Good bull” she whispered and kissed me again. As we were kissing she pushed me off her and was kissing me by her side. Her legs were still open and parallel to the bed. “Room service!!” She called and then I was aware that Albert had stood up.

I took my first proper glance of him. He was wearing just a shirt and his cock was rock hard. He walked over towards the bed. Gail started kissing me again as if to reassure me. I had previously told her that I was into men and I was being aware of what Albert was doing. He had his head between her legs and I could hear that sweet sucking, slurping sound. Gail pulled away from our kiss for just a moment as said “all of it slave, hurry up..”

The plan was now clear to me, Albert was on clean-up detail. Although not attracted to men, the situation was exciting me. I had not lost much oh my hard-on and Gail grabbed my cock and started jerking. “Come up here, I want to taste some too!” she said to me. She gently guided me up and put it in her mouth. As I did This, Albert changed position and it was clear that he had now entered Gail. I hadn’t had sex for a while and had just cum so fast. She obviously wanted me to cum again and she was sucking it like her life depended on it. I knew this was called a spit-roast and yes, Gail was the roast.

This went on quite a while and I knew what was expected by me but, hey, I am not 17 any more and I was not going to cum again that fast, well not in her mouth anyway. I pulled it out of her mouth and started jerking it myself to help it along a bit. I knew I would be able to cum again that way. I just looked at Gail, bouncing as Albert pounded her. She ran her tongue around the outside of her lips.

I soon felt another missile loading in the silo but instead of her face, I pointed the cannon at those lovely c-cup tits and unloaded. There was a lot less cum this time but it was enough to spread over both of those perfect tits. Gail screeched out with pleasure and we enjoyed the sight of those little rivers of white meeting and rolling down her body towards her navel. Albert ran he finger through the hot mess and collected a sample. He then put his finger into Gail’s mount and she licked it up like that last bit of chocolate flavoring on top of a fudge sundae. Albert had hardly cleaned her up when he just lay on top of her assuming the missionary position, kissing each other passionately but smearing that cum on each other as he fucked her.

I could see they were now just fixated on each other and to honest felt pushed aside a little, yes, they were making love.

I just lay there for a while to watch a bit as Gail moaned and pulled Albert closer to her. This was a very intimate moment, but it did not have a part for me. I had fulfilled my mission and sexually I felt exhausted. I got up quietly and started to dress. Neither of them even looked at me as they were into each other. I quietly left the room, satisfied but a little confused about the abrupt end.

That afternoon, I got a message from Gail, it was just the “: )” symbol. I went to message her back but the profile was deleted…..