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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BatDan, 13 April 2017.

  1. Admin

    Admin Admin

    OKay thank you I will have a look, could be a codec issue. :)
  2. Underwear?
    Not something I am very familiar with...

    But "When a lady wants to pull. She takes off her big underwear, and puts on somerhing small, tight and sexy."
    takes off her big underwear!
    Bloody hell hun.. Sounds like the women you go for would snap you

  3. Lol - err... all of them
  4. Yummy
  5. Just had a sneak at your album..
    You are very cute
    Sorry If I seem forward.. Actually that is a lie

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  6. *Looks over the top of his glasses*

  7. What would you prefer?
  8. Anything but cute!
  9. OK
  10. ...is marginally less worse
  11. Then you are stuffed... It's all I have to offer..
    Cute is better than nice and usually a start to something..
    Fishing usually ends up with an empty net..
    Let's settle on cute in a nice way..
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  12. How about you just call me Joe and I won't call you sugar tits? Deal? :)
  13. Nope.. I quite like sugar tits..

    Enjoy fishing..

  14. Well I've got nice undies too!:whistle:
  15. Mate, I got a "nice" so maybe go with what you got lol
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  16. :rofl:
  17. Interestingly, when looking for stuff to take on holiday came across the 'towie' I had bought at Swingfields a couple of years ago. Someone took a picture of several of us wearing them, but that's gone missing so here is a pic of one -

    One Sided Thong - Half Tan Thong

    Might look erotic (although Rose thinks it looks ridiculous!) but it's very impractical, as soon as you start walking it comes off (which wasn't a problem at (Swingfields but would be on a beach!)
  18. Just WTactualF? :eek:
  19. Are you not that brave jo
    There is a female version of it too
  20. Brave has nowt to do with it! Taste, woman, I'd ban them on grounds of taste!
  21. Not my cuppa tea hunni
  22. *shudders*
  23. What happened to cami knickers, like loose shorts with suspenders under and of course plain top stockings?
    all in black or cream!
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