W/C 7th Sept @ Townhouse...it's a busy one!

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5 April 2015
Monday 7th Sept is MILF Monday from 10.30am - 3.30pm. Always busy, always filthy and all before the school bell! £10 per male/female/couple

Weds 9th Sept Greedy Girls and Swinging event - It's our intro night for new guys, so we are always looking for ladies and couples to 'break them in'! lol

Thurs 10th Sept - Kinky karaoke £5 for members £10 for non members. Why not sing in your skimpies?

Fri 11th Sept - Closed for a private party

Sat 12th Sept - Saturday night swinging and it's also the birthday of one of our members, so they are bringing a LOAD of pals...going to be busy so be early!!!!

That's all folks!
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15 September 2014
All dates added to the calendar for you, which means they get advertised a few days' in advance, on the calendar sidebar widget on the homepage... (y) x
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Milf Monday done ;).... looking forward to kinky karaoke, always a good night, especially at only a tenner... people talk about clubs being a rip off but even single guys get in for this!!! Excellent value for non members!