WELCOME..to all the lovely newbies!!!

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Right firstly apologies, for my lateness, in saying hello. It's been a busy weekend. Halloween etc etc...
Since a few newbies have been peeking.. I thought I'd take a peek back ;)
At what? Nothing :( no pics, not that I perve! ME?! he'll no. :D.
Not even a snippet of information. So click, forget, next..
So come on you lot!! Help me out here. If you pique people's interest, they at least deserve a little insight, into the user, no information, no pictures in my experience, = zero fun.
Of course it's entirely your call? Although on here you do have to upload, at least two legitimate photos, of yourself/yourselves..to gain access to the delightful gallery, which believe me it is ;)
Whoa it's a little early and a little unlike me, I don't do serious!!
Just a thought guys n gals hint hint.. ;) mwahhhhh x